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Protection Spells for Loved Ones

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

What Are Protection Spells

They are spells that protect you or your loved ones from different types of dangers. Protection spells can protect against negative energy, evil spirits, bad luck, psychic attacks, nightmares, and black magick (curses, hexes, the evil eye, and voodoo)

Can You Cast a Protection Spell on a Loved One

Yes, you can cast a protection spell on a loved one. You can even cast a protection spell on a loved one who does not know you are casting the spell. This works to your benefit if you have someone like your parents who needs protection but does not approve or know that you practice witchcraft.

A Protection Charm For a Loved One

If the loved one knows you are casting the spell, one of the best protection spells you can use is to create a protection charm. Your loved ones will be able to wear and carry the charm with them anywhere they may go.

Items you will need to make a protection charm.

You will need a protection crystal. If your unsure of what the best protection crystal is for your intention, check out this post I made, "The Best Protection Crystals." If you are still unsure which crystal to select, use Amethyst. It is an excellent all-around protection crystal.

Next, you will need to select a herb that works best suited for your intention; if you do not know which protection herb will work best, check out this post, "How to Make a Protection Spell Jar" (scroll down to the protection herb section). If you would rather go with an all-around protection herb, Rosemary and Sage are good options.

You will need a black candle and something to light the candle—a fireproof bowl for the paper after you light it on fire. You can also use your kitchen sink if you do not have a fireproof bowl.

Now you will need some Rosemary oil to anoint the candle.

Lastly, you will need a statement of intention, a piece of paper, and a pen to create a Sigil of Protection.

How to make a Protection Charm

The first step is to create a Sigil of Protection. If you do not know how to make a Sigil, you can read this post I wrote, "Sigils: A How to Guide."

Next, put the black candle in the center of your altar, a table, a desk, or somewhere safe. Anoint the candle by placing the herbs on the candle; after the herbs, pour some of the rosemary oil on it. Now light the candle.

Next, take your crystal and wrap the paper that you drew the Sigil of Protection around the crystal. Hold the crystal close to your body with both hands.

While holding the crystal, visualize the type of protection you want (This can be an image of a fortress, a suit of armor, a shield, or even your home). What we want is a specific image that resonates with the concept of protection to you.

Now start to generate energy from within and focus on releasing it into the crystal. While doing so, visualize what the crystal is protecting your loved one from (This could be negative psychic energy or physical protection) continue to hold the crystal in your closed hand.

Focus the channeled energy by saying this incantation three times:

"I make this charm for protection

By preparing the ingredients with affection

Take my energy at this time

Return it back: a life sublime."

Next, unwrap the crystal. Place the paper over the candle and let it catch fire. Place the paper in a fireproof bowl (can be a sink or something else safe) and let the paper burn to ashes.

Now take the crystal and ashes outside. Hold the crystal in front of you and take a deep breath. While breathing in, feel the positive energy flowing into you. Next, blow the ashes onto the crystal.

The Protection Charm is now complete. You can make the crystal into an amulet or another piece of jewelry if you like. Your loved one can also carry the crystal with them or put it in a purse or backpack.

Protection Candle Spell for a Loved One

Unlike the protection charm spell, this protection candle spell can be cast without the knowledge of your loved one.

You will need the following items to cast this protection candle spell.

You will need One black candle and two white candles. Don't forget to have something to light the candles.

Next, you will want to get some smudge sticks like rosemary or sage. They are great for all-purpose protection magick. If you want something more specific for your situation, you can read this post I wrote, "How to Make a Protection Spell Jar," and scroll down to the second section where I discuss various protection herbs.

The last item you will need is a picture of your loved one.

How to cast a protection candle spell for a loved one

After you gather all of your items, you will want to place the candles on something flat like your altar, a desk, or a table. Put the candles in a triangle with the black candle in the front and the white candles in the back.

Now place the picture of your loved one in the center of the triangle. Next, light the candles, starting with the black candle then moving clockwise. While you are lighting the candles, say the following incantation.

"Keep (loved one's name) safe,

Far from danger and harm,

Negativity and evil be gone,

Protected this day as with every day."

Next, you will meditate for about five minutes. While meditating, imagine a protective light surrounding your loved one. Focus intently that your loved one is protected and safe from harm.

Once your mediation is completed, light the smudge stick, raise the smudge stick over the black candle, and go counterclockwise three times, tracing the triangle going over all three candles.

While you are doing this, say the following incantation one time.

"O Goddess, protect my loved one every day, as they sleep and as they play. Help them to always smile bright, and keep them safe in your loving light. Protect them from harm and from all they fear, for they are the ones that I hold dear. I thank the Goddess for helping me. I trust in her aid, so mote it be."

The protection spell is complete.

An Easy Protection Spell for Loved Ones No Ingredients Needed

The only ingredients this spell requires are your energy and focus. You will not need anything else.

When you are worried about one or more loved ones, be they far from home or in the next room, you can use this spell to keep them safe through the night.

How to Cast a Protection Spell for Loved Ones with no Ingredients

The first step in casting this spell is to look out to the stars. You can accomplish this by looking out your window or by stepping outside.

As you gaze towards the stars, close your eyes and visualize the night sky. Think of the sky and stars as a cloak of protection.

Now, concentrate all of your energy and imagine the stars are descending on your loved one that needs protection. Imagine the lights are a protective barrier closing around them and keeping them safe.

When you are ready, chant these words:

"Circle of stars, shining bright, grant my wish on this night.

Shine down upon those I love, protection sent from above.

Keep them safe and well and warm, free from danger, fear, and harm."

Take a deep breath, and as you exhale, "breathe out" and say:

"For the good of all and blessed be."

The spell has been cast.

A Protection Spell For The Whole Family

As the title indicates, this protection spell can be easily used on multiple subjects, making it excellent for the whole family. This spell is best done on a full moon or waxing moon.

What you will need

White candle (The amount will depend on how many people you are casting the spell for, if it's three, you will need three white candles.)

You will need the following dry herbs, lavender, sage, and some rose petals. Next, you will need some frankincense essential oil.

Lastly, you will need a knife or something to carve the candle wax, a piece of paper, and a black pen.

How to cast the Protection Spell For The Whole Family

The first step is to select a candle for each loved one and carve their initials in the candle's wax.

Now place each candle down on a flat service like your altar, a desk, or a table. You can place the candles in a straight row.

Next, anoint each candle by pouring some frankincense oil on the candle and sprinkling a little of each herb listed above on the candle.

Now you will want to light each candle and focus on the light's warm glow. Imagine the light is surrounding your loved ones. Envision the light is a shield around them, a bright protective shield covering their bodies and keeping them safe.

Write the following on a piece of paper:

"Shield all these bodies and souls,

Everywhere and anywhere they be,

Shield all whom I love and protect them,

So mote it be."

Now fold the paper and let the fire from each candle burn the paper. Each time the paper catches on fire, immediately blow it out. Once you have completed this step take the paper outside and bury it somewhere in the ground.

When you are covering the paper with dirt, say the same incantation out loud once that you wrote on the paper earlier:

"Shield all these bodies and souls,

Everywhere and anywhere they be,

Shield all whom I love and protect them,

So mote it be."

The spell is complete.

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