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How to Cast a Binding Spell to Stop Someone from Doing You Harm

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

What is a Binding Spell

Many witches, including me, use binding spells to stop people from causing us harm, hurting others, or even hurting themselves.

Of course, that's not the only use of binding spells. You can bind a piece of jewelry to you, so the jewelry would always return if it ever gets lost.

You could bind yourself to a job that you love, so you never lose it. If you lose the job, you will have an opportunity to get it back after a while.

Are Binding Spells Bad

Some witches view binding as an adverse action that would bring negative energy back towards them after casting the spell.

This is especially true for anyone who follows the rule of three, which states any energy you put out into the world, positive or negative, will be returned to you three times.

Not every binding spell is good. Some binding spells can be sinister. If you cast a binding spell to remove someone's ability to do something, it could be a harmful spell. Of course, it would depend on what the person was doing.

Even binding spells that remove people's ability to do something are not always hurtful. You could cast a binding spell to remove a bad habit like smoking from your life.

How to Cast a Binding Spell to Stop Someone from doing You Harm

You will need one lemon and some nails or pins. You will need a piece of paper, something to write with, you will need to know the person's name, and you will need a small amount of rope or twine.

The first step is to write down the person's name who means you harm on four small pieces of paper.

Next, cut four small slices in the lemons. Ensure that each cut is just large enough to slip one of the pieces of paper with the person's name on it into the lemon.

As you are putting the pieces of paper into the lemon, say the following:

"I bind you (name of person),

You are powerless to harm me,

You shall cause no harm to me,

From this day forth, I am safe from you."

Now cut a hole through the middle of the lemon so you can pull the twine or rope through.

Pull the rope through the lemon and go around the lemon once and tie a knot. You will need to tie 8 knots in total.

The following is an example of what you could say. The spell will have more power if you personalize it to your situation.

When you tie the first knot, say:

"By knot of one, the spell's begun, by knot of two you will not harm me, by knot of three you cannot harm me, by knot of four you don't want to harm me, by knot of five I am safe from you, by knot of six the power of the spell grows, by knot of seven I fear you no longer, by knot of 8 the spell is complete."

Next, put a pin in the lemon to hold the final knot in place and put the lemon in the back of your freezer.

Now you want to forget about the lemon. After it has been in the freezer for at least two weeks, the lemon can be removed from the freezer and disposed of.

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