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The Best Protection Crystals and Stones

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

What are Protection Crystals

Protection crystals are used for their protective properties, which repel negative energy and keep the owner safe. They are also used for healing and rituals.

For over a millennia, protection crystals have been used by different people and societies like the Sumerians, who used them to create potions. The Romans were known to carry stones or amulets to protect them in combat. Even the Ancient Egyptians used the power of crystals. Although for the crystals healing properties instead of the protective properties.

Protection crystals are also known as protection stones, and they can be placed in numerous items for the user to carry them discretely. They can be carried in the form of a necklace, an amulet, a bracelet, or even a ring. Your imagination only limits the possibilities of how you can transform a protection crystal into an everyday item.

How to use Protection Crystals

The first step in preparing your protection crystals/stones is to cleanse and purify the crystal of any foreign energy.

To cleanse your protection crystal, you will want to remove any dirt or debris from the stone. You can accomplish this by washing the crystal off and drying it with a towel. Make sure all the dirt and debris are washed off before proceeding.

The next step is to purify the crystal, and you can do this by leaving the crystal in the sunlight for a day.

After the crystal has sat in the sunlight for a day, you will want to cover the crystal in a dish of salt for up to three days. If your stone has iron in it, you do not want to use salt. It could rust the metal. Bury any stones with iron in a dish of dirt.

Your crystal are cleansed and purified. The next step is to empower your crystal, and this can be done by completing a simple ritual.

This first step in empowering your crystal is to hold it between your palms and close your eyes.

Take three deep breaths, centering yourself and focusing on the intended purpose of the crystal.

Now visualize a sparkling light is forming around your hands, and the light is the energy summoned from within you to empower the crystal. Imagine the light being absorbed into the stone.

The last step is to say aloud the goal of the crystal. If the crystal is intended to protect you on a long trip, say something like this three times:

"Protect me on my journey and keep me safe."

That is it. Your crystal is now empowered.

Protection Crystals for the Home

The below protection crystals have different magical properties and provide a safe and secure home when used in combination with each other. When selecting your protection crystals for the home, consider different ones that complement each other for the best results.

Amethyst: It helps define your home's boundaries and reduces anxiety in the household, bringing a sense of control into your home. This crystal is best kept in the living room.

Obsidian: Reflects negative energy sending it back to where it came from. It actively cleanses and clears any stuck negative energy in the home. Keep this stone somewhere near the entranceway of your home.

Smoky Quartz: Another crystal that's magical properties deflect negative energy away from your home, and it helps to keep bad dreams away. Keep this crystal on a windowsill in your bedroom.

Black Tourmaline: This crystal marks a division between your home and the outside world. It shields you from external energy and is excellent for people who have hostile neighbors and should be placed somewhere near the entryway of your home.

Rose Quartz: This crystal is sometimes called the Love Stone. It helps open the heart and cleanses anger, resentment, and fear. It enhances self-confidence, love and aids in forgiveness. Place this stone in the center of your home.

Labradorite: Protects from irrational fear, helping you find order out of chaos—place in the living room or kitchen.

Protection Crystals for Children

As a parent, we all want the best for our children. This list of crystals can provide your child with added protection from the outside world and help them build confidence.

Moonstone: This stone is the stone of new beginnings. It helps to bring acceptance of the changes children may face while growing up.

Fluorite: It helps improve concentration levels and the absorption of new concepts and information.

Amethyst: This versatile crystal helps reduce anxiety and protects against negative energy. A must-have for most children.

Carnelian: This crystal aids in mental efficiency and the ability to learn. It is a great addition for children who are struggling in school.

Clear Quartz: This is an excellent stone for children who are often sick. This stone has healing properties that will help ease the physical or emotional pain your child may be facing.

Protection Crystals for Travel

If you are planning a trip and need extra protection, these four crystals are excellent options for added security.

Turquoise: This crystal is used to protect your mind, body, and spirit against the negative energies you will encounter while traveling. It also helps increase your intuition and awareness, which is excellent if you have to walk along the road at some point during your travels. Place it in your pocket or add it to a piece of jewelry and wear it when you travel.

Tigers Eye: It will enhance your concentration and keep you alert and focused on the road while you drive. It will also help you feel refreshed and full of energy after a long trip. Keep this crystal near the driver's seat of your vehicle during your trip.

Rhodonite: This stone helps balance your emotions and enhances your love. It also allows you to see both sides of a situation, which helps stop arguments during a trip. This stone is great if you are planning a romantic getaway. Keep it in the center console of your vehicle during your trip.

Malachite: Known as the guardian stone for travelers. This crystal's energy will protect its owner from physical harm and accidents. Keep it in your pocket or add it to a piece of jewelry and wear it while traveling.

Protection Crystals from Spirits

If you are having problems with ghosts or evil spirits, these protection crystals might be what you are looking for.

Agate: Has magical associations with protection. Agate can be used to repel spirits, protect you from psychic attacks, and cleanse negative energy. Keep the stone on your person either in your pocket on wear it in the form of jewelry.

Jade: This stone will deflect magical attacks and protect you from spirits. It is one of the more powerful protection crystals. It is always a good idea to carry one with you or give it to a loved one that might need extra protection.

Jet is a type of lignite, the lowest rank of coal, and is a gemstone. Unlike many gemstones, jet is not a mineral but is instead a mineraloid. It is derived from wood that has changed under extreme pressure, and it has magical associations with protection. This stone will protect against ghosts, spirits, and other earthbound entities.

Iron: This is not a crystal but an element found in rocks and minerals. It has been used for centuries to protect and ward off ghosts and evil spirits. It is best to use iron ore or cast iron to protect against ghosts and spirits.

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