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How to Break a curse using Magickal Herbs

If you go about your daily routine with no intention to cause anyone harm, you are still bound to cross someone at some point during your life. If you upset the wrong person, they might try to use black magick to get revenge on whatever trivial thing they believe you did to them.

Unfournatley this is life, and we cannot change what evil people try to do to us. We can make sure we are protected and know how to keep ourselves safe from the evil that lurks in the dark.

What to do If You Believe Someone Might Try to Put a Curse on You

One way to keep yourself safe from curses and other types of black magick is to use a snapdragon to keep you safe.

Place some snapdragons in a vase and put them on your altar with a mirror behind the snapdragons. If someone tries to put a curse (hex, other black magick) on you, the negative energy will be reflected back to the person who wanted to curse you.

Baby Witch Tip:

Snapdragons are great for all-purpose protection. If you keep a part of the plant in your pocket, you will not be deceived by other people. Hold the flower of the snapdragon if you believe you are near evil, and you will be protected.

What to Do If You Believe Evil Spirits are in Your Home

If you believe you have a demon or evil spirit residing in your home, take a whole mandrake root and place it in the most active room of your home. Wait three days and then place the mandrake root in some warm water for one day.

Now the mandrake root's power has been activated, and evil spirits cannot reside in a home with an activated mandrake root.

You can take the water you used to activate the mandrake root and sprinkle it on your window sills and doorways to add an extra layer of protection. You can also use the water to purify people or objects.

Be mindful as the entire mandrake root is poisons and should not be eaten.

How to Break a Love Spell That Has Been Cast on You

If you believe someone has cast a love spell on you and you desire to break the love spell take a fresh Lilly and carry it with you throughout the day.

At night put the Lilly under your mattress and sleep on it. When you wake, put the Lilly in a cup (container) of water and carry another Lilly on you that day.

Repeat this process for three full days and nights. Now take the Lillys and water and dump them in moving water. The love spell is no more.

How to Break a Curse Using Magickal Herbs

If you believe you have been cursed or have some other form of black magick placed on you, the first step is to collect some grass, castor beans, and some leeks.

Once you have gathered the items, put the castor beans in a bowl (be warned, castor beans are poisonous. Do not eat them) and set them someplace safe and out of reach of any children or elderly who might try to eat them. The castor beans will begin to absorb any black magick or negative energy inside your home.

Take the grass and make a ball out of it, and put it in the front window of your home. The grass will drive out evil and protect your home.

The last step is to take the leek and bite it. This action will break the curse and drive away any leftover negative energy and black magick.

Baby Witch Tip:

Take the bark of a Larch tree and carry or wear it. Wearing or carrying it will protect you from curses to include the evil eye.

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