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Uncommonly Used Plants that Work Great for Love Spells

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Do you want to cast a love spell, but the typical plants like roses, jasmine, and lavender just aren't cutting it? Do you need something that's not too hard or want some easy steps to follow? You're in luck so keep reading because here are some uncommon and easy to perform love spells.

Do You Need a Love Spell Fast but Don't Know Where to Start

Simple, head over to your pantry and grab an apple. Thats right, this love spell revolves around one single ingredient, an apple.

A very easy love spell requires you to take an apple and cut it in half, and while you are cutting it, focus on your loved one. Now eat half of the apple and share the other half with your loved one. This gesture will ensure that you will both be happy and remain together.

Another apple love spell requires you to hold an apple in your hands and wait until it is warm. Now give it to your intended lover, and if she or he eats the apple, your love will be returned.

Here is another apple love spell. Pick an apple off an apple tree (that has not fallen from the tree yet) and carve the following into the apple.

Aleo + Deleo + Delato

Well, you are carving the apple, say the following:

"I conjure thee apple, by the words that are written,

That man (or woman) toucheth thee,

Will love me and burn in my love,

As fire melteth wax."

But be warned, for these spells (like

much love magic) borders on manipulation.

How About this Outlawed Herb that's Perfect for Love Spells

If you guessed I was going to talk about marijuana, you would have guessed right.

Before federal laws banned marijuana in the 1930s, it was actually a very commonly used herb for magick. But because of the federal laws in the United States, the practices began to die. It has slowly started back up but be warned that you might face criminal charges if you try this spell.

This love spell is called the Hempseed Spell, and it requires you to take a handful of hemp seeds to a church at night. You need to walk around the church nine times as you are sprinkling hemp seed while you walk.

As you are walking and sprinkling the seeds, say the following:

"Hempseed I sow, hempseed I sow,

Find my true love and show me thee,

For I desire to see my future love."

After you have walked around the church nine times, you are done. Now return home, and when you go to sleep, you will see a vision of your future husband or wife.

Are You Looking for a Lust Inducing Tea

This drink is thought to be so powerful that the ancient Egyptians actually forbid women from drinking it for centuries. At least that's how the story was told to me.

The flowers from the red hibiscus tree are associated with lust and are believed to be extremely powerful, so be careful if you attempt this because you might be biting off more than you bargained for.

To make this lust-inducing tea, all you have to do is is get flowers from a red hibiscus tree and brew them into tea. When you drink the tea, you will be overwhelmed with lust.

To make a less potent lust-inducing tea, you can substitute the hibiscus flowers with leaves from a lemon tree. Leaves from a lemon tree are also magickally associated with lust.

Add the leaves from a lemon tree with your red hibiscus tree flowers to increase this already potent tea.

You can also use the blossoms of a red hibiscus tree to make love sachets and incenses.

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