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How to Cast a Love Spell to End a Romance

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Warning about Love Spells for Beginner Witches

Love magick is powerful and can take away the free will of your intended targets. When you practice love magick, you should consider the adverse consequences that could happen because of your spell. Making someone you have a crush on like you is not the way of a good witch.

With that being said, everything in witchcraft is up to you, and there are no rules that you must follow. Just be warned that your negative actions can and will bring negative energy back to you.

When Should You Cast a Love Spell to End a Romance

The purpose of this spell is to help you get over a romantic relationship. This could be something like you were dumped and are having a tough time letting go or you have a friend who is struggling with letting go of an ex.

Another situation this spell could work with is you or a friend is in an abusive or dangerous relationship and will not leave because of their love for the abuser.

This spell is not intended for making someone you like leave their boyfriend or girlfriend so you can date them.

I cannot stop you, but I highly discourage anyone from using this spell to break up a couple out of revenge or envy. If you are meant to be with the person, it will happen in due time. Patience is a virtue.

What You Should Expect This Love Spell Will Do

First, this love spell, or should I say anti-love spell is not instant. It will take some time for the spell to start working.

Once it starts working, you will begin to lose interest in your ex. It can also make the other party lose interest over time in you as well.

Beginner Witch Tip:

When you perform a love spell or make a love potion, do not complete a love spell on a particular person or have them drink the love potion. Instead, focus on the traits and characteristics you are attracted to and want in a lover.

How to Cast a Love Spell to End a Relationship

What you will need:

You will need the following items to cast this spell. You will need half a cup of sand, six matches, half a cup of salt, six pins, a banishing sigil, two pieces of paper, a glass jar, a white rose, and a well-ventilated room or performed outside.

You will need one more thing, which might be difficult for some to complete, especially if they are a baby witch. You will need to locate a spot in a graveyard to bury the completed spell jar.

Baby Witch Tip:

Most cemeteries frown on witches showing up and burying items in the cemetery. A safer option is to locate a nearby abandoned cemetery and bury your spell jar there instead. Having access to a cemetery is a big bonus for witches. Dirt from a graveyard can be a powerful ingredient in certain spells.

How to cast the spell

The first step will be to create a banishing sigil (if you need guidance on making a banishing sigil read this guide I wrote on How to Make a Sigil).

After you created your banishing sigil and gathered all of your items, you will start by mixing the sand and salt into your jar.

Next, write your name and the name of the lover you want to lose romantic interest in on two separate pieces of paper. Once you have written down the names, go ahead and fold the paper into small squares.

Remove the petals from the rose and pin them to the pieces of paper with the names on them. You will want to put the square pieces of paper back to back and since you only have six pins but more than one petal on a pin.

Each time you pin the rose petals to the paper, say the following incantation:

"Once it was love, now it is none,

What was is gone and will not come back,

The heart is pierced, and love be gone."

Put the paper, pins, and rose petals into the jar. Next, draw the banishing sigil on the bottom of the lid of the jar.

Now light the matches and put them into the jar one at a time. Make sure to catch the paper on fire (this step should be done outside or in a well-ventilated area. If it is being done inside, please be careful not to start a fire or to become overwhelmed with the smoke.)

Once the paper has turned burned, seal the jar and take it to a cemetery. You will need to bury the jar in a cemetery to complete the spell.

The spell is complete, and your love for the person you cast the spell on will begin to wither and die slowly.

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