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How to Make a Fertility Spell Jar

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

What is a Fertility Spell Jar

A fertility spell jar is typically a glass bottle that contains herbs. A witch will add unique ingredients to the jar that possess magickal properties that include healing, protection, and love to help a would-be mother conceive a child.

A spell jar can be used during a ritual, buried in the earth, or placed in a particular spot. A fertility spell jar is usually used during a ritual or placed near a bed where a child will be conceived.

Spell Jars have been around for centuries and were initially used for protection. The first mention of a spell jar was in 1681 Suffolk, England. During that time, spell jars were known as witch bottles.

When Should I Use a Fertility Spell

Many witches only start considering using a fertility spell when they have a difficult time conceiving a child.

I think this is a shame because a fertility spell not only helps a mother get pregnant. Fertility spells also have protection and love magick in them for a reason. They help protect the pregnancy and strengthen the bond between the mother and child.

The best time to use a fertility spell is whenever you are trying to have a child, not just when you are having a difficult time getting pregnant. Next time you plan to have a baby, make sure to add a little magick to the evening.

How Long does it Take for a Fertility Spell to Work

I know of many witches who have used a fertility spell, and shortly afterward, they had gotten pregnant. I also know of more than one witch who has been trying for years to have a child, and nothing seems to work.

Unfortunately, there is no set time for how long a spell will take to work or if the magick will even work at all. All you can do is try, and if you are infertile, do not put all your hopes into one spell. Try other methods like speaking to a doctor or a specialist.

Beginner Witch Tip:

If this will be your first attempt at magick, the chances of it being successful are not high. Witchcraft takes practice and knowledge, so do not expect immediate results.

Which Herbs and Crystals Should I use for a Fertility Spell Jar

Selecting the right ingredients for any spell is crucial for the success of the spell. If you intend to cast a fertility spell but use ingredients that have nothing to do with fertility, your spell will fail.

When selecting ingredients for a fertility spell, you should look for items with magickal attributes with healing, health, fertility, protection, and love.

Below is a list of herbs and crystals I recommend for use with a fertility spell jar.

Herbs and their magickal attributes related to fertility spells:

Geranium: Fertility, love, healing, and protection.

Hawthorn: Protection and fertility.

Hazel: Fertility and protection.

Majoram: Protection, love, and health.

Mistletoe: Healing, protection, love, and fertility.

Oak: Protection, health, healing, and fertility.

Parsley; Healing, fertility, love, and protection.

Pine: Healing and fertility.

Poppy: Fertility and love.

Rosemary: Protection and healing.

Rue: Protection and health.

Sage: Healing, health, and protection.

Crystals and their magickal attributes related to fertility spells:

Rhodolite: Enhances sexuality and manifests desires.

Amethyst: Healing and protection.

Quartz: Amplifies and manifests intentions.

Red Jade: Is used to boost and enhance all forms of success, including fertility.

Molvadite: Considered to promote good fortune with fertility.

Unakite: Used for its healing powers and fertility.

How to Make a Fertility Spell Jar

You will need the following items to make a fertility spell jar.

A sealable glass jar (I like mason jars, you can use whatever you prefer)

You will need mistletoe, sage, parsley, geranium, and some poppy herbs.

(I like to add four to five herbs to my spell jars, but you can select more or less depending on your preference.

(You will also need to determine how much of each herb you would like to put in your jar. I like to fill the jar and layer my ingredients, so it usually depends on how big a jar I selected for how much of a herb I need. )

You will need some Moldavite and Unakite chips.

You will also need a red or white candle and something to light the candle.

New Witch Tip:

I usually add a sigil to the bottom of the lid of the jar. If you would like to add a sigil and don't know how to make one, I wrote a post on it here (How to Make a Sigil.)

Once you have gathered all of your ingredients, the first step will be to start putting your herbs and crystals into the jar. I like to put a layer of crystal chips down, then two or three different herbs, then crystal chips, and finish off with the last herb.

When you are putting the ingredients into the jar, say the following incantation:

"With one mind, We call to thee,

With one heart, We long for thee,

Child of Earth, Wind Fire, and Sea,

Into our lives, We welcome Thee."

Now seal the jar and light the candle. Let the candle burn for a couple of minutes and while the candle is burning, mediate.

Focus on your intentions and imagine the light of the candle glowing brightly onto the jar and then floating over to your stomach. Imagine once the light is on your stomach, it begins to get brighter and brighter until you can no longer look at the light.

Now take the candle and pour some of the wax onto the lid, sealing the container closed. While you are pouring the wax, say the following incantation:

"Child of my heart,

Accept my love and protection,

Share this good and happy life,

We're waiting for you."

After saying the incantation take a deep breath and slowly let out your breath. The fertility spell jar is complete, and you can put the spell jar somewhere near where you intend to conceive your child.

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