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Positive Affirmations for a Good Night Sleep and other Magical Remedies

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Have you experienced a night when your mind won't turn off, and you can't stop thinking about things? On those nights, is it hard to fall asleep? Are you tossing and turning or staring at the ceiling with your eyes wide open?

I have experienced many nights like this, even more so as I have gotten older. I find myself staring at the ceiling, wishing I could have fallen asleep hours ago. Especially on weekdays when I have to be up early for work. It seems the more important sleep is, the harder it is to get.

After dealing with these problems for too long, I got fed up and started looking for ways to sleep better. I imagine you are reading this post because you're fed up, and I don't blame you.

I want to share some things I have learned through trial and error as the best ways to get a great night's sleep and wake to feel well-rested and ready to take on the world.

What are Night Affirmations

Night Affirmations or sometimes called Bedtime Affirmations is a positive affirmation that you say to yourself that helps create a mental barrier between day and night. The bedtime affirmation signals to your body that it's time to start closing down for the night and prepare for rest.

If you are someone who has a hard time falling asleep, you should consider learning a handful of night affirmations and say them before you go to bed.

You have nothing to lose when it comes to night affirmations. They are free to learn, so it cost you nothing, and if they end up helping you fall asleep, it will be well worth the few minutes it took for you to learn them.

How to say Night Affirmations

You will want to have a few sentences that you will say to yourself quietly in your mind before you go to bed. You will want to repeat the sentences over and over again. Make sure to focus on what you are saying and what the words mean to you.

Well, you are silently saying your sleep affirmations before bed; take deep breaths to calm yourself for the night. Your goal is to get yourself into a state of relaxation.

Top 5 Night Affirmations

This list is of my favorite go-to-sleep affirmations that work best for me. Feel free to change the wording however you think will help you the best.

I have nothing to do now and nowhere to go. No one needs me at this moment. Now it is time to be caring and compassionate towards me. I deserve to sleep and to rest my body and mind.

I breathe deeply and slowly. I am grateful for my bed and my room.

I now permit myself to do nothing. I am enough. I did enough.

I can let go now.

I am allowed to feel good at the end of the day.

I release the anxieties and stress of the day.

I am grateful for the lessons that I learned today.

Peace and happiness are my priority as I finish my day.

My power is in the present moment, and I chose to sleep.

I feel completely relaxed, and this time is for me to raise my vibration.

Sleep comes naturally to me, and I look forward to beautiful dreams.

I enjoy deep refreshing sleep every night. My bedroom is a place of comfort, relaxation, and deep sleep. I will sleep now.

Magical Remedies for Sleep

I have found that sometimes night affirmations are not enough to help me fall asleep. Thus, I have made a nighttime routine that involves candle magic and my night affirmations.

This candle spell will only require a blue candle and something to light it with, and of course, you will need to select a nighttime affirmation before starting the spell.

I want to mention that I have seen some candle magic sleep spells on Pinterest, and they require a white candle. When performing candle magic that involves sleep, you should always try to use a blue candle. Blue candles have magical associations with sleep.

White candles are considered an all-purpose candle, kind of how Basil is regarded as an all-purpose herb. You can use white candles to replace other colors when they are not available, but you should always try to use the more focused and powerful candle.

How to Perform the Candle Magic Sleep Ritual

The ritual should be performed in your bedroom immediately before going to sleep for the night.

The first step is to light the blue candle quietly.

Now you will want to walk counter-clockwise three times around your bedroom.

The first time you walk around your bedroom, say out loud your selected night affirmation.

The second time you walk around your bedroom, whisper your selected night affirmation.

The third and final time you walk around your bedroom, say your selected night affirmation in your mind.

When you are finishing your third time around your bedroom, you will want to stop in front of the candle and blow it out. When you blow out the candle, whisper "sleep."

You have completed the candle magic sleep ritual. Go to your bed and enjoy your rest. Sweet dreams!

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