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A Spell to Heal a Broken Friendship

This spell is for anyone that wishes to fix a broken friendship. Maybe you let a boyfriend get in the way of your relationship, or some nasty gossip tore you and your friend apart. Whatever the cause, this friendship spell should help patch things back up between you and your friend.

What you will need to heal a broken friendship:

First, you will need a white candle which will be used to purify the negativity that has grown in your friendship.

Next, you will need a light blue candle which will help to bring back communication between the two of you.

One dark blue candle will be needed to start the healing process between you and your friend.

The last candle you will need is a pink candle, which will grow the friendship between the two of you.

You will need a chalice or something fireproof that you can put all four candles on. Plus some pink salt, sea salt, and cloves (all used to grow the friendship). And lastly, something to carve the candles with.

How to Cast A Spell to Heal a Broken Friendship

Before starting, think about what was the happiest memory you have of yourself and your friend. Once you have picked the memory, you can begin the spell.

First, you will need to carve your name and your friend's name on the side of each candle. While you are carving your names, focus on that happy memory.

Next, place the candles on your chalice and light the candles (it does not matter what order you light the candles in). Continue focusing on the happy memory.

Once the candles have all been lit, you can sprinkle some pink salt, sea salt, and cloves onto the candles and into the chalice.

Now say the following incantation:

"All of the hate we let it go,

All of this love it comes back to us,

Let bygones be bygones the past is done,

I forgive you, and you forgive me,

We are stronger than ever,

So mote it be."

Let the candles burn for a few minutes as you reflect on your relationship with your friend and everything that you meant to each other. After you have reflected for a couple of minutes, you can put out the candles.

The last step is to wait a few days to let the spell take effect and then reach out to your old friend.

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