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My Favorite Witch Box Subscriptions

Subscription boxes have been becoming more and more popular of late. And for a good reason, receiving a gift in the mail brings out the child in many of us. You never know what goodies you will find inside.

I have signed up for my fair share of different witchy subscription boxes in the past, and I have mixed feelings about them.

For example, one of my favorites is Box of Shadows. You never know what to expect with these surprise boxes, but you will usually get herbs, gemstones, jewelry, altar decor, and books. At least, thats what I noticed with this particular subscription box. Even though they were one of my favorites, I would get a box that I would call a dud. The contents did not do it for me every once in a while.

That is why I decided to compose a handful of witch box subscriptions that I have tried in the past and found that I liked most of the items in the boxes.

I have learned that you are never going to like every box you get sent, but you should at least enjoy a couple of the items in the box. If you dont, you should probably cancel the subscription.

My Top Witch Box Subscriptions

I was not sure about Kay's Magic at first. I was hesitant to purchase from them because their cheapest box is 5 dollars a month, and shipping is free. I figured I would get some tiny trinket. I did take the risk, and I am happy I ordered from them.

Your subscription box will have different items from North America, South America, South Africa, Mexico, and Germany.

Boxes start at 5 dollars and go all the way up to 145 dollars. Like other subscription boxes, the more you pay. You will get 1 to 3 small items with the 5 dollar box and 15 to 20 things if you get their most expensive box.

Box of Shadows is one of my favorite subscription boxes I have recently tried out. I have been delighted with the majority of the items I get. They have been great at picking various and exciting things to put in their boxes.

They have four different levels of boxes, with the first advertised for beginners and it cost 21 dollars for the beginner box. The supreme or advanced practitioner box cost 38 dollars.

Your box can have a variety of different items like herbs, jewelry, altar decor, gemstones, and even books.

Sacred Space Crate is a great witch subscription box. It has premium items that are all based on a specific theme. I did not put it at the top of my list because it is a flat 50 dollars a month subscription.

It is definitely worth the 50 dollars, and good luck finding it in stock. I heard numerous good things about this witch subscription box, and when I first went to order the box, it was out of stock. After I managed to get the box, I realized why it was out of stock. They have excellent items and fantastic themes. They are probably one of the best witch subscription boxes in the industry.

If you decide to try this subscription box out, you can expect to get 10 to 14 handcrafted items each month. Some of the things that will be in the box are spell-crafted candles, a monthly spell, alter items, crystals, spell-crafted pendants, herbs, teas, smudge items, healing, and beauty items. Every month you will also get a Moon astrology calendar.

I was pleasantly surprised with my subscription from Magickal Earth Box. I was not expecting the crystals to be the size that they are. I figured they would be tiny like most of the crystals in other witch boxes. If you love crystals, this witch subscription box is for you.

Magickal Earth Box has four subscription levels starting at 11 dollars and going up to 39 dollars. The 11 dollar box only comes with a crystal. I would recommend getting the 24 or 39 dollars a month subscription.

The 24 dollar box includes crystals, a monthly astrological overview, and a tarot card drawn just for you. The 39 dollar box includes crystals, astrology, tarot, and many magickal items.

The Witch One Subscription box is centered around magickal intentional jewelry. If you like jewelry, this witch subscription box is a must have. The Witchy One is the best jewelry-centered witch box I have gotten.

They are not complicated and only offer one monthly subscription, which is 20 dollars a month. The only thing I am not a fan of is they do charge 5 dollars for shipping. So it's 25 dollars total for the subscription.

You can expect to get two pieces of jewelry, one or two crystals, and one of the following items (book, art, or body care item)

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