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How to Take a Spiritual Cleansing Bath

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

What is a Spiritual Cleansing Bath

A Spiritual Cleansing Bath is a bath that uses essential oils, herbs, candles, and crystals to help cleanse your body and energetic field. Before performing rituals or casting spells, it is common to take a Spiritual Cleansing Bath for purification.

Unlike a regular bath with soap, shampoo, and water that cleanses the body, a spiritual bath works to cleanse the mind and spirit.

A lot of practitioners have an entire ritual around taking a Spiritual Cleansing Bath. This can be time-consuming and is not a requirement if your intention is not to perform additional magic.

Suppose you only want to wash away the negative energy and cleanse your spirit. In that case, you can use the ingredients in your spiritual cleansing bath to charge the bathwater with healing vibrations to help you remove blockages, hurts, pains, and situations that are no longer serving you in any constructive way.

What are the benefits of a Spiritual Cleansing Bath

What is your daily grind? Do you get up every morning and get your kids ready for school before rushing off to work? When you are at work, do you have conversations with people that leave you feeling drained?

These daily interactions we have with other people affect our energies. During your everyday grind, you are picking up subtle energies from other people. You are also sending out your own energetic frequencies through your words, emotions, and thoughts. This constant give and take can leave you feeling drained, anxious, exhausted, or even overwhelmed.

Many people will use a warm, relaxing bath as a way to restore their tired minds and bodies after a long stressful day. This is a great way to help cope with the daily grind. But a spiritual cleansing bath is a better option.

A spiritual cleansing bath, however, is a very different experience.

It’s a ritual – much like the ritual baths of ancient times — the bath cleanses your spirit, revitalizes your aura, and leaves you feeling more present and in an extremely positive state of mind.

A spiritual cleansing bath will remove the negative energies you have accumulated from your daily interactions that an ordinary warm bath would not be able to match.

What Ingredients do you need for a Spiritual Cleansing Bath

You have many different options for what you can use for a spiritual cleansing bath, and you most likely already have what you need at home.

When selecting ingredients for your bath, it really depends on what your intentions are. But it is common to use specific herbs, candles, essential oils, and crystals to cleanse and purify your body and energetic field.

Common herbs to use for a spiritual cleansing bath

Basil: This herb is used as an all-purpose magical herb and is extremely versatile. One of its magical associations is purification making it an excellent choice in a spiritual cleansing bath.

Mugwort: This herb is used to help open your mind before you try divination. The reason it should be selected is that it has magical associations with peace and tranquility.

Rosemary: This herb is great because it has magical associations with health and healing.

Parsley: This herb can be found in most kitchens around Europe and North America. It has magical associations with purification.

Common candles to use for a spiritual cleansing bath

Pink candles: It is a color of love, but it is also great for self-care and healing.

Black candles: a lot of people believe black candles are for black magic. This belief is not valid. The color black in itself is not bad. Black is associated with protection and can be used to ward off any negatives energies.

White candles: it can act as a stand-in for any other color. It's essentially a blank slate. It's cleansing and purifying, so it's great to clean away old energies and bring in fresh, new, happy ones.

Common crystals to use for a spiritual cleansing bath

Amethyst: It is a purple quartz that has magical associations with balance and healing.

Bloodstone: This opaque green stone has flecks of red in it. It has magical associations with health and protection.

Jade: This crystal can be found in many colors and has magical associations with health and protection.

Quartz (Clear): A clear crystal looks like ice. The crystal is an all-purpose stone that amplifies energy and absorbs negativity.

Quartz (Rose): This is a common crystal that looks like pink ice. It has magical associations with self-esteem, self-love, emotional healing, and it transforms negative energy into positive, supportive energy.

Common essential oils for a spiritual cleansing bath

Benzoin: This essential oil has a light, slightly sweet scent and has magical associations with purification and healing.

Myrrh: This common essential oil is brownish and has a slightly bittersweet scent. It has magical associations with purification and healing.

How to Prepare for a Spiritual Cleansing Bath

The first step to prepare for a spiritual cleansing bath is to make sure your bathtub and bathroom are clean and clutter-free. This step is essential because your environment needs to be clean to help lay the ritual's groundwork.

Now you will want to start gathering your materials for the spiritual cleansing bath. If you are using candles, make sure to bring a lighter or match, the last thing you want to do is interrupt the process.

Once you have gathered everything, go ahead and take a quick shower. Remember, this is a spiritual cleansing bath so you want to be clean to invite positive energy.

The last step is to fill the bath before starting your ritual. Once the bath is filled you are ready to start.

Spiritual Cleansing Bath Recipe for Love and Healing

You will need all or a combination of the following ingredients.

Epsom salts

Sage or palo santo

rose petals, lavender, lemon balm, or cornflower

A pink or white candle

Rose quartz, clear quartz, or amethyst crystals

Benzoin or myrrh essential oils

The first step is to cleanse yourself by carefully smudging your body with sage or palo santo.

Now scatter the herbs and rose petals in the tub. Slowly pour the essential oils into the bathtub—light your candles and incense.

Step into the bathtub and take deep breaths. Focus on the beating of your heart and say the following:

"I am love. I am open to love. I accept an abundance of love. I am worthy of love."

Now take a deep breath and dunk your head under the water for three to six seconds.

Next, relax and meditate, focus on the herbs and scents cleansing, and healing your spirit.

Once you feel ready, you can blow out the candles and drain the water from the bathtub.

The spiritual cleansing bath ritual is complete.

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