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How to Pick Your Witch Name

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

What is a Witch Name

It is a name that witches use to identify themselves when interacting with other members of the witch community.

A witch name is also known as a magickal name or a craft name, and its primary purpose is to conceal the witch's identity and protect them from any discrimination from the general public.

Why Should You use a Witch Name

There are different reasons why witches choose to use a witch name. The main reasons witch names are popular among people who practice witchcraft is because it helps provide privacy and protect their identity.

Not all witches have come out of the broom closet, so when they practice witchcraft, attend rituals, or join a coven, they will use their witch name instead of their birth name.

Many witches who have not come out of the broom closet do so because of their careers, family beliefs, or they're just not ready yet. I know a witch who will likely never identify as a witch until her father passes. He is a high-ranking priest in a large church.

Other practitioners use witch names as a means to protect themselves from magickal and psychic attacks. If someone knows your birth name, it can be used as a taglock for a curse.

Some witches will even use two witch names. They will use a name that they selected for a symbolic reason, and that name will only be used with coven members. They will use a separate witch name when they are out in public interacting with other members of the witch community.

How to Pick Your Witch Name

Take your time when selecting your witch name. Picking a witch name is not something you should rush. You may be a baby witch and have just learned of this popular trend. Do yourself a favor and put plenty of thought into your name.

Try to select a witch name that fits your character and how you want to represent yourself in the witch community.

You should avoid picking a witch name that is of a god or goddess, and it is bad taste to have lord or lady in your witch name. Of course, if you most have lord or lady in your name, it is ultimately up to you. Just don't come complaining to me that I did not warn you.

In some covens, elders will give you a witch name. If you do not like the name given to you by an elder, you do not have to go by it. Of course, this might stir some feathers, so if you want that type of strict coven, you can always use another craft name and only use the given name in your coven.

Which Witch Name is for You

I have always liked witch names that are of nature. Let's say I enjoy practicing green witchcraft, and basil was one of my favorite herbs to work with within my craft. I would consider choosing Basil as my witch name. Now say basil is your favorite herb, but it just doesn't sound right. You can always select Rosemary (Rose) or Sage.

Now let's say astrology is a significant part of your craft. You could go with a witch name like Luna, Ciro, or Halley.

And if you are more of the formal type, you can always pick a traditional witch name like Morgan, Raven, or Rowan.

Ultimately it is up to you to pick your witch name. You can choose it for whatever reason you like. It does not have to have any symbolism to you other than you like the name.

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