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How to make Rose Water

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

What is Rose Water

Rose water is water that has been infused with the magickal energy of roses. Rose water will help enhance your magick and is an outstanding addition to any witch's kitchen. You can use it in rituals, tonics, potions, baking, or anything else that calls for water.

Different types of roses have different magickal associations. Make sure to consider what you intend the rose water for before selecting the roses for your rose water.

For example, if you intended to make a love spell, a good choice for your rose water would be to use petals from rose geraniums. Rose geraniums are magickally associated with love and peace, making them a great addition to any love spell that calls for water.

Where should I get my Roses Petals for Rose Water From

You should select rose petals that are free of pesticides and other chemicals. Your best bet is to grow the roses yourself, but since that is not an option for everyone, try to find an organic culinary-grade rose petal from a trusted source.

You can try your local witch or occult store. I have even had relatively good luck using local flower shops. I do not recommend purchasing your roses from big box stores, chain grocery stores, or gas stations.

Remember not to use dried roses when making rose water. You want to use fresh rose petals, so I believe that eliminates many online retailers.

What Type of Water should I use for Rose Water

If you plan on putting the rose water on your skin, ingesting it, or using it in a ritual cleansing bath, make sure to use distilled or tap water.

If the rose water is not going to be ingested or put on your skin, then using water from a clean source will suffice. You can use water from lakes, streams, or rivers as long as you make sure the source is not polluted.

Baby Witch Tip:

Use distilled water because it is a contaminant-free water source; it will help keep your rose water fresh for a longer period.

Can I add Crystals, Herbs, or Other Ingredients to Rose Water

Yes, you can add crystals, herbs, or other magickal ingredients to your rose water. Adding other magickal ingredients can enhance your rose water's magickal properties, which will only make your rose water stronger and more effective.

Factors you should consider when adding other ingredients to rose water are how do you intend to use the rose water? Are you going to use it for baking? Or do you plan to make a tonic and drink it? If the water is going to be ingested, make sure the other ingredients are safe for human consumption.

For example, if you wanted to use your rose water in a protection spell, you could add a protection crystal like Jade or Agate and combine it with rose petals from the Snowdrift Rose.

Green Witch Tip:

The Snowdrift Rose is an easy-growing, white-flowering rose. This hardy shrub produces full white flowers all season long. White roses have magickal associations with protection, banishing, cleansing, binding, healing, and purification.

Rose Water Uses for Witchcraft

You can use rose water to substitute anything you would usually use water with. It is popular to use rose water with cleansing baths, love magick, and protection magick. It does not need to stop at that. Depending on the type of rose you select, you could use rose water in a variety of different situations.

Roses have different magickal properties, similar to using the moon's phases to enhance moon water. You can use different types of roses to modify your rose water to better suit your intention.

Magickal Properties of Roses

The color of the rose sets the magickal properties of that particular flower. Think of it as how candle magick works. Different colored candles mean different magickal properties.

Red Roses: Love, passion, physical attraction, power, and strength.

Pink Roses: Romance, self-love, self-esteem, beauty, and magick for children.

Purple Roses: Soothing, stress reduction, concentration, calming, anxiety, and patience.

Orange Roses: Honesty, truth, happiness, and affection.

Yellow Roses: Psychic ability, friendship, and spiritual love.

White Roses: Protection, banishing, cleansing, binding, healing, and purification.

How to Make Rose Water

You will need a cauldron (you can use a pan or pot, bonus points if it's made of iron), rose petals, some water (preferably distilled water), and a colander (or cullender).

The first step is to remove the rose petals from the stems and rinse them off with clean water to remove any containments.

Now add the rose petals into your cauldron or pan and pour enough water over it to cover the rose petals.

Next, bring the water to a simmer using medium heat. Once the water is simmering, cover it. Allow the water to simmer with the rose petals for 20 to 30 minutes.

After about 20 to 30 minutes, you should notice the petals have lost most of their color that is your indicator that you are almost done. Remove your pan from the stovetop and let it sit for 10 to 20 minutes.

The last step is to run the water through the colander to remove the petals and add the rose water to your container and store it somewhere safe.

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