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How to Ground before a Ritual or Spell

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Grounding is a way of creating a connection with the Earth both as a support system and as a never-ending supply of energy. Before any ritual or magic, you must ground your energy, and once you are completed, you must return this energy to the Earth, closing the channel and grounding the energy once again. After you have performed magic, failing to ground energy can leave you anxious, tired, energetically depleted, and possibly open for psychic attack.

Anytime before performing magic, you must do a grounding exercise. Here is one exercise that you can have as an option before your next ritual or spell.

Grounding Method:

Take a seat in something comfortable or on the ground if that is what you prefer. Close your eyes and take several deep, purposeful breathes. Be aware of your belly expanding as you breathe in and sense it contract as you exhale. After several breaths, you should begin to feel settled; now imagine a shining bright white cord extending from the base of your spine into the core of the Earth. Visualize the energy from the Earth traveling up the cord and all the way to your spine, and now to your heart. Feel the warm sensation radiate as the energy from the Earth flows through you. Earth's energy is now flowing through you. It is your lifeline, a support system that is always there.

After you have completed your ritual or spell, you must perform another grounding exercise to allow the energy to return to the Earth. You can perform one of these exercises to return Earth's energy.

Option One:

Find somewhere comfortable to sit and close our eyes. Now take several deep, intentional breaths. Feel your belly expand as you breathe in and feel it contract as you exhale. After a couple of deep breathes, you should begin to feel settled. Once you feel settled, suck in your power as if you were sucking through a straw, feeling the energy flow through you and back into the Earth.

Option Two:

You have two choices for how to position yourself. You can lay down on the ground with your palms facing down or kneel forward with your forehead on the floor. Now take several deep breaths. Relax and let your body feel as if it is melting into the Earth. Feel the Earth's energy leave your body and sink back into the Earth. Imagine as if you were high above the ground, and the energy was sinking deeper and deeper into the ground. Imagine the energy moving from your head and down your spine and returning to the Earth's core.

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