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How to Cast a Circle of Protection

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

What is a Circle of Protection

A circle of protection is a magical circle marked out by practitioners for ritual magic. In the Wiccan traditions, the circle of protection is generally nine feet in diameter. The circle size can vary depending on the ritual, and if the practitioner is alone or with many other practitioners.

The circle of protection will contain energy and form a sacred space. It will provide you with a form of magical protection, and it is recommended that the area be physically marked with material like salt or chalk.

The circle of protection is fragile, and if you leave or pass through the circle, it can weaken or even disappear. When you pass through the circle, and it dissolves, it is called breaking the circle.

When do I need a Circle of Protection

A circle of protection is needed during rituals or casting spells to cleanse the area and protect you from negative energy or psychic attacks.

Think of a circle of protection as a sphere that surrounds you and your work. It keeps the energy that you have raised inside and any negative energy out. It

Whenever you plan to use magic, you should cast a circle of protection to protect yourself and keep your energy from seeping out into the world. Casting a circle is one of the fundamental and first steps you will learn in witchcraft.

It would be best if you learned to cast a circle of protection early in your studies because it is not safe to practice magic without casting a circle. Typically, the first thing a coven will teach its new members is how to cast a circle and how to ground your energy.

What do I need to Cast a Circle of Protection

You will need sage, a ceremonial knife or wand, and salt or something else to enclose and mark the area.

The first thing you will need to cast a circle of protection is sage or another herb magically associated with purification for you to cleanse and purify the intended area.

Which Herbs should you use to Cleanse the Area before Casting a Circle of Protection

The below list of herbs are all excellent choices for cleansing your space before casting a circle of protection.

White Sage

White Sage is excellent for getting rid of negative energy, resetting the vibrations in a room, and purification. You can also use garden sage. White Sage might be referred to as sacred sage, while garden sage will usually be referred to as sage.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo is a wood that needs to die naturally for its power to remain. Make sure to purchase it from a reputable source to ensure it will perform adequately. Palo Santo is best for clearing negative energy from a room and keeping positive energy grounded.


Angelica has been used for centuries to treat digestive problems and flavor wines, liqueurs, and candy. It is beneficial when you want to use it to purify a room and for protection purposes.


Cedar is an excellent choice when it comes to purifying your home or a person. Cedar trees are ancient, wise, and powerful. Cedar is often used to cleanse a house or apartment when first moving in, inviting unwanted spirits to leave and protecting a person, place, or object from unwanted influences.

The next item you will need is a tool to cast your circle. The preferred magical tool used during the casting of a protection circle is the wand. You can make your wand out of wood, but the best type of wood is from the willow tree.

Getting a wand early on in your studies is a good idea because it is used to cast the circle, draw magical symbols on the ground, and invoke spiritual energy.

If you do not have a wand, you can also use a ceremonial knife or index finger to make your hand motions.

The last item you will need is salt to place on the ground to mark the circle's perimeter. Salt is the preferred method because it has been long used by witches as an agent of purification and to ward off negative energy, evil vibrations, and foul spirits. It symbolizes the element of the Earth and is a staple in the magical arts.

If you do not have salt, you can use chalk, or you have the option to visualize the perimeter in your mind.

How to Cast a Circle of Protection

The first step is to determine how much space you will need in your circle of protection. It would be best to consider what ritual or spell you are casting and how many people will be in the circle before casting the circle of protection.

It is usual for the circle to be nine feet in diameter, but six feet should suffice if you are by yourself.

The next step of casting a circle of protection is to use sage or another herb magically associated with purification to cleanse your intended area.

After you cleanse the area, it is time to mark the circle's perimeter with salt.

Now use your wand, ceremonial blade, or index finger to imagine a bright light emitting from the tool to form a protective barrier around you wherever you point.

While you are standing in the center of the circle, point your magical tool around the perimeter of the area and visually imagine the process of a magical wall appearing around you.

Now you will want to begin to walk in a clockwise direction around the space you want to encompass, starting by facing North.

It would be best if you walked the circle up to three times while imagining a bright white light extending into a sphere above your head and below your feet. If you are making the circle in haste, you can walk it one time.

Each time you pass your starting point, say the following:

"I cast this circle in perfect harmony and trust

I cast this circle as a meeting place between worlds

May this boundary protect and hold my energy."

Your circle of protection is complete. Remember not to leave the boundaries of your circle, or you risk it dissipating.

If you must leave, you can cut a doorway in the circle. Do this by using your wand or index finger to mimic, cutting an opening into the circle.

The motion you should use to cut the opening will start from the ground, raise the doorway above your head, then side to side, and complete it by going down again.

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