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Working with Deities as a New Witch

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

What is a Deity

A Deity is a god or goddess who is a supernatural being with considerable greater power than an ordinary human. For instance, the Christian God would be considered as diety.

Deities have their individual divine plan, and they are not always loving, compassionate, or understanding. Your goals and specific deities' goals may not mush together.

Many ancient cultures have worshiped and served various deities. This includes the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, and the Norsemen.

The Difference Between a Deity and a Patron Deity

A patron deity is the main deity you will work with. This doesn't have to be the first diety you find yourself working with. It is the one you work with the most. You will probably work with multiple deities, and you might even replace your patron deity with a new one.

Should I Work with a Deity

Witchcraft is a practice. Not a religion. It requires no deities. Its purest form uses your intention and willpower to augment or alter the world around you.

If you want to work with a deity, they can help guide and support you. Do not rush any relationships with deities. You should feel called. It may take longer for you to get the call than others. It will come when you and the deity are ready for each other. Do not feel pressured to start working with one before you are prepared.

Working with deities is not always easy. They are not your ancestors or your spirit guides. They are gods and goddesses with their own desires, wishes, and conditions. Deities can love you, but they will never be your "friend." There is a power dynamic, and you will always be the weaker and subservient being.

If you feel called by a particular deity and you want to work with that deity, and you feel as if you are up to the task, then by all means, go for it. Just know working with deities is not a requirement.

Which Deity Should I Work With

You will know which diety you should work with because they will call out to you. You will know when a diety is trying to make contact with you. Deities are not known for being low-key.

They might call you by speaking to you while you meditate, through your dreams, or you could have a vision of them talking to you. You might feel drawn to a certain deity, or notice particular things going on around you that are associated with the diety calling out to you. However, they reach out to you. You will know they are calling you.

Once a diety has called out to you, it does not mean you have to work with them. Do some research on the particular diety calling you and see if the deity is someone you would feel comfortable working with.

My number one rule is to take it slow and be respectful when working with a new deity. There is no need to rush. Build a relationship and make sure everything feels right.

Tips for a New Witch When Working with a Deity

  • Be a good listener.

  • If you’re a young witch, deities can teach you something new — They are not just there to give you special powers.

  • Do protection magick to ensure that the deity is who they say they are. There are beings out there who will want to deceive you!!

  • Do not ask your deities for help with simple spells — especially if you’re a new witch and just started working with the deity.

  • Know that messing up and upsetting your deity is something that can happen. Just make sure to ask for forgiveness.

How Many Deities Can You Have

There is no set limit when it comes to how many deities you are allowed to work with. The critical question you should be asking yourself is how many deities can you work with and still maintain a good relationship with each one?

Most witches I know work with three or four deities at a time. It starts to get very difficult to maintain relationships with each deity if you're trying to balance more than three or four.

Like most things in witchcraft, there are no set rules. You can work with as many deities as you want.

I am currently working with three deities, and thats usually the most I will work with at any given time.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working with Deities

Advantages of working with Deities

Working with a diety can bring so many different advantages. If you have a good relationship with your diety and are struggling, they can help you. Some deities hate to see their followers suffering if you follow one known for love and care, there is a chance they might get involved with your life when you're having a hard time.

Deities can guide you and teach you. If you are new to witchcraft, this can help significantly accelerate your knowledge.

Disadvantages of working with Deities

Deities want and need to have a relationship with you. It can be hard to form a relationship with some. Once you develop a relationship with a deity, it is not something that you can end easily without a cost. They will expect you to keep up your end of the relationship. If you don't, you open yourself up to them withdrawing whatever aid they have provided.

Lists of Deities for a New Witch

These lists are just for information. Remember a deity will call out to you if they want to work with you. If one does call to you then it is time to start researching them and see if they are the type of deity you would be comfortable working alongside.

List of Norse Deities:

List of Celtic Deities:

List of Roman Deities:

List of Egyptian Deities:

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