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What is Black Salt Witchcraft

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

What is Black Salt used for in Magick Spells

For centuries, witches have been using black salt in magick spells for many different types of magick. The two most popular types of magick used with black salt are protection spells and black magick spells for curses and other sinister things.

Black salt is used as an ingredient in spells to enhance the magick and make your ritual more powerful and likely to succeed. When working with protection magick, you should always consider adding black salt to the spell to take advantage of its potent protection attributes.

There is a difference between black salt and salt. Use salt for purification and protection spells and use black salt to drive away evil and negative energy. When you use black salt in protection spells, black salt should be used to protect against curses or other types of black magick or evil spirits.

What are the Different Types of Black Salt

There are three types of black salt: black ritual salt, black Indian salt, and black lava salt. When you first start learning about black salt, new witches commonly try to purchase black salt that is used for cooking.

Black Indian salt is used for cooking, especially in vegan recipes. It would be best if you did not use Black Indian salt in magick spells that call for black salt.

Black Indian salt is Indian volcanic rock salt. It is known by many different names, including Himalayan black salt, Sulemai Namak, and Kala Loon. It is made by taking Himalayan Pink Salt or sodium chloride and is then heated to remarkably high temperatures and mixed with Indian spices and herbs.

Black lava salt is another salt used for cooking and should not be used in magick spells to replace black ritual salt. Black lava salt is made by blending sea salt with activated charcoal. You will see it labeled as Black lava salt or Hawaiian black salt.

Black ritual salt is the salt that you will want to use in your magick spells that mention or require "black salt."

How to make Black Ritual Salt for Magick Spells

Making black ritual salt is surprisingly easy and shouldn't be much of a challenge for even a novice witch.

You will need salt (kosher or sea salt will work), a cauldron or a cast iron pan, ground black pepper, dried basil leaves, a pinch of cinnamon, some dried rosemary, ash from a fire, and something to store the black ritual salt (I like to use a mason jar).

After you have gathered your ingredients, you will want to start heating your pan or cauldron. The goal will be to char your herbs, so select whatever temperature you feel will work best for you. I set my stovetop to medium.

Once the pan or cauldron is ready, put the herbs in and wait till they are charred. You will need to mix the herbs while they are cooking, so they char evenly.

Now scrap the charred herbs into the container and add your salt. Put a pinch of cinnamon in and add the ash (you can get the ash from a fire pit) Add some crushed black pepper and stir the ingredients together.

An optional step would be to add some black food coloring while mixing the ingredients. I don't add the food coloring, but I know witches who do its symbolistic and will not change the ritual black salts magickal attributes.

Once you have finished mixing everything, you can store the ritual black salt for future use. I like to seal it in a mason jar, but a plastic container will work.

What to do with Black Salt after a Spell

If you used the ritual black salt for black magick, be warned you will need to get the black salt away from you. You should never use black magick, but if for some reason you decided to go down that path since you are reading my blog, I would like to keep you safe and hopefully convince you black magick is unsafe and not worth the risk.

Once you have completed your curse or black magick, you will want to gather the remaining black salt and dispose of it.

You have two options for how you can dispose of the black salt. The first option would be to pour the black salt into a fast-moving stream. You want to make sure the water will carry the black salt away from you.

You can burn the black salt and collect the ash and bury it in the earth. Now you will need to be selective of where you bury the black salt. Your options are near a crossroad or in a graveyard.

If you used the black salt in a ritual that was not related to black magick, then you do not need to dispose of the black salt in that manner. Depending on the spell, you may not even need to dispose of it.

A Protection Spell with Black Salt

Here are directions on how to make a sachet for protection using ritual black salt. This sachet is a potent tool against negative energy and black magick attacks.

You will need the following items to complete the spell. You will need one red candle and something to light it with, a white cotton cloth, and a red string. You will need the following herbs: a pinch of rue, some mugwort, and some vervain. You will also need a protective crystal, which could be labradorite, onyx, or tourmaline, and lastly, some black ritual salt.

Once you have gathered everything together, you are ready to begin.

First, place the red candle on the center of a table or your altar. Next, add all of the herbs into the white cotton sachet.

Now add the protective crystal. Lastly, pour the black ritual salt into the sachet. While you are pouring the black ritual salt into the sachet, say the following incantation:

"I banish negative energy,

This creates a safe space for thee."

Now take the red string and tie the sachet closed. Make sure to tie four knots. While you are doing that, say the following:

"May this sachet guard and protect me,

May it protect all that live in this home."

Place the sachet in front of the red candle and light the candle. Now mediate by the candle for five minutes. While you are meditating, imagine the light of the candle forming a protective bubble around the sachet. After five minutes, stop your meditation and say the following incantation:

"I create this boundary of protection,

I install this boundary of protection,

I maintain this boundary of protection,

That negative energy shall never find its way in,

So it is."

The spell is complete, and you can hang the sachet for protection anywhere in your home or carry it with you.

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