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What are Witches Brooms used for

What Do Witches use Brooms for?

A witch's broom is one of the most iconic items that a witch is known for in pulp culture. Obviously, witches don't use their brooms to fly around and hunt children in the night. So what do witches use brooms for?

The primary purpose of your broomstick will be to clear negative energy from an area before a ritual. You can also use your broom for protection and daily cleansing when you clean your home.

You can even use your trusty broomstick in a "besom wedding," or better known as "jumping the broom," which is a marriage ceremony that is speculated to have originated in Wales during the middle ages.

Cleansing your Sacred Space with your Broom

I like to use my broom to cleanse my sacred space before and after I perform rituals or other magickal work. To do this, I take some salt and sprinkle the salt in a counterclockwise manner along the room's edges.

Next, I sweep the salt out the doorway of the room. I do not sweep up the salt until it has been swept from the room, which symbolizes the negativity being swept away from my sacred space.

Another way to do this is not to use salt and to swing the broom back and forth while walking in a counterclockwise manner through the room. If you are performing this method, you will not let the broom's bristles touch the floor.

Baby Witch Tip:

Why counterclockwise? Counterclockwise "un-does" things and clears negative energy.

How to Cleanse your Home using your Broom

It's a similar process to cleansing your sacred space. Of course, the big difference is it's going to be a larger space, and instead of sweeping up the salt, I sweep it out the front door.

Also, I start from the back of my house and move towards the front door counterclockwise. And I like to do this during the waning moon as it's an excellent time to cleanse spaces.

And yes, you can use the no salt method as well. It is really just your personal preference. I like to use salt because the physical act of sweeping the salt away feels proper and more powerful.

Baby Witch Tip:

To keep curses and black magick from affecting members of your home, hang your broom over our front doorway.

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