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Ways to Improve your Spells using Different Types of Water

Can I Use Any Water for all of My Spells and Rituals

Yes, most spells and rituals that you perform do not need any special type of water. The one exception is, of course, if you or someone else will be consuming the water. For example, if you make tea, make sure you're using water safe to drink.

Why Should I use Different Types of Water for My Spells and Rituals

Even though you do not need to use special water doesn't mean you shouldn't use different types of water. The purpose of using different kinds of water for your magick spells is to help enhance your spells and rituals.

Another way to put it is if you use different types of water with your craft, you will increase the likelihood of your spell being successful the first time around.

What Types of Water Should I Use for My Spells


Use rainwater with spells that are for growth, renewal, and cleansing.

Snow Water:

Use snow water for spells that are for purity, transformation, and change.

Storm Water:

Use stormwater for spells that are for power, strength, and banishing.

Dew Water:

Use dew water for spells that are for beauty, love, and fertility.

Waterfall Water:

Use water from a waterfall for spells that are for success, power, and energy.

River Water:

Use river water for spells that are for charging, focus, and motivation.

Here is an example of how I have used different types of water to enhance my spells.

I had been asked to help banish a spirit from a friend's home. One of the steps required the use of moon water. Because this was a banishing spell, I collected water from a storm and used the water to make moon water.

I was waiting for the full moon to make the moon water anyways, so I had plenty of time to wait for a storm. I also wanted my banishing spell to work the first time. You never want to fail at banishing a spirit the first go around. You never know if you might piss the spirit off, and the whole situation will get worse.

So you might be thinking that seems overly complicated, and I could have just used the moon water. Well, you are probably right. And typically, I wouldn't take the extra step, but in that particular case, I wanted to increase my chance of success on the first go around.

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