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Top 5 Cleansing spells

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

This list of my top 5 cleansing spells has everything you need to keep the negative energy away, bring in positive energy, and even cleanse your dreams for a better nights sleep. This is my go-to list, please share in the comments what are your go-to cleansing spells are.

1. Cleansing spell for banishing negativity energy

Use this spell to banish negative energy and draw positive energy into yourself. Use this spell for negative people and negative thoughts


  • white candle (symbolizes purity, cleansing, and peace)

  • clear quartz crystal (for purification and banishing negativity) or opal (for emotional balance)

  • a small dish of water + spoonful of salt

How it's done:

  • Light your white candle and hold your crystal or opal in your hands. With your eyes open or closed, slowly breathe in and out a few times to center yourself.

  • Imagine all of the negativity you've faced in the last year — all the bad thoughts you've had about yourself and others, all the times you've felt inferior, rude or hurtful things people have said — and feel the energy of these thoughts course through your body and into the stone in your hands.

  • Now, mix the salt into your small water dish and place your crystal or opal into it.

  • Mix the salt into your small dish of water and place your crystal or opal into it.

  • Let your stone absorb the cleansing water for a few minutes.

  • While this is happening, look into the candle's flame and recall all of the positivity you've felt in the past year — love, friendship, compliments, laughter — and pull this into the center of your being. Let it fill you with warmth.

  • Dry off your stone.

  • The negativity has been drained from your mind into the stone and now into the saltwater.

  • Pour the saltwater outside or down the sink.

2. Cleansing Warrior

Use this to cleanse and protect someone or something. It can be yourself, another person, a pet, or even a home.


  • Tea leaves

  • sea salt

  • bloodstones

  • wooden box

  • sharpie

How it's done:

1. Add the tea leaves to your wooden box while saying:

“I invoke the spirit of the warrior, the protector, to keep [name] safe from harm. I call on the spirit to guide them to safety and keep them from evil.”

2. Add the sea salt to the box on top of the tea leaves and mix them together while saying:

“With this salt, I cleanse the evil. I purify the air and space around [name]. With this salt, I cleanse the bad feelings. With this salt, make it better.”

3. Now add the bloodstone(s) to the box on top of the leaves and salt, saying:

“With these bloodstones, I add my energy and my strength to guard them and protect them from all that would harm them. With these stones, they are in my protection.”

4. Close the lid. On the top of the lid, draw a protection sigil (With this part, I won’t tell you what sigil I added because it’s mine, and you need to decide what your sigil is.) Now say:

“With this sigil, I seal the box, I seal the protection, and I make it so.”

3. Cleansing Jar

Use this cleansing jar for protection, healing, and cleansing. It's great for whenever you feel negative energies, need a bit of protection, or travel away from home.


•Thyme- healing

•Curry- protection

•Chamomile- cleansing

•Dill weed- protection

•Allspice- healing

•Pink Himalayan rock salt (ground or rock either is fine)

•two white candles

•Sealable jar

How it's done:

  1. Place everything on your altar with your jar between the two candles.

  2. Light your candles with your intent

  3. Pour your blessed water into the jar so it fills it half way. Say: "with this water, I blessed and purify the jar to always (your intent-protection, cleansing, healing). This is my will so mote it be."

  4. Add your herbs and salt one by one announcing what each one is and the intent you have for them.

  5. Seal your jar with your candle wax and say : "As I seal this jar of (your intent), I will be blessed under the triple goddess for as long as I wear it. This is my will so mote it be."

4. Shower Cleansing and Renewing Spell


  • Liquid Body Wash

  • Shampoo

  • Conditioner

  • A Shower

Step 1:

Undress, step into the shower and wet yourself thoroughly. Make sure your water is at a comfortable temperature.

Step 2:

Step out from the water, or turn the shower off if you need to, and cover yourself in soap, head to toe. Scrub yourself well, scratch off the old deodorant and dead skin, then put the shampoo in your hair, and scrub it just as well.

Step 3:

Charge the soap and shampoo with all your negative, stagnant, and unwanted or unneeded energy. Have it radiate all the things you want to rid yourself of, whether it be physical feelings, mental feelings, emotional feelings, energy, powers enacted on you, whatever.

Step 4:

Step back under the water, and let the negative energy run down and away with the water. Stand still, allowing the excess run away naturally and specifically washing away the soap in the less open areas. While you do this, chant:

Unwanted feelings

wash away.

Unneeded energy,

pour away.

Stagnant power,

go away.

I am clean and new,

for the day.

Step 5:

When you’re completely rid of soap and shampoo, take the conditioner, put it in your hair, and as you wash it out, chant:

Give me energy.

Give me strength,

to feel clean and fresh,

through long lengths.

Step 6:

Take whatever negative energy you have left, and charge it into spit. Then, turn the water off, and with the last bit of water flowing down the drain, spit into it, and then say:

Out with the old.

In with the new.

Good riddance.

Step 7:

Dry off and get dressed. You should feel clean, cleansed, and renewed.

5. Cleansing Dreams Spell

This spell can help promote a night of more restful sleep and pleasant dreams. An ideal magical option if you're under stress and can't sleep.


  • 1 tsp coarse salt

  • ½ oz rosemary

  • 1 oz rose petals

  • 1 oz valerian

  • 3 pieces of moonstone

  • Glass bowl

How it's done:

  • Before bed, fill the bowl with water, then add the salt and herbs. Stir it around gently, and repeat the following:

Bring me quiet

Bring me peace

Ease my dreams

Nightmares cease

  • Drop the 3 moonstones into the bowl, and place it near your bed.

  • Go to sleep and let the bowl absorb any negative dreams.

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