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Things a New Witch Needs to Know (Advice for a Baby Witch)

First, not everything is a sign. That strange branch that caught your eye is not a sign. It is just the result of some wind damage from the other day. The double yolk egg you had for lunch was just by chance. The lizard hanging around your window is just there to eat all the bugs. Yes, you will receive signs, but not everything you think is a sign will be a sign, especially in the beginning.

Sorry I had to get that off my chest. YOU do not understand the number of new witches that contact me asking if something is a sign or not. I know I was like that once, too but just chill with the signs.

Be careful if you are working with essential oils and have pets. Essential oils and pets usually do not mix, but some can be more toxic than others. Do your research and keep your furry friend safe.

Next, never make a promise to a spirit or god that you don't feel 100% confident that you can keep. Your just asking for trouble.

If you are going to ask entities for something, do not try to "use" them. Always offer them something in return.

Don't spend too much time listening to others tell you what your magickal limits are. Everyone's limits are different. You will be surprised how far you can go if you don't let others put a limit on your potential

When you are crafting a spell, try to look for any side effects or unintended consequences that might occur because of the spell.

Don't associate with groups that want to initiate you by performing sexual rituals. Some people use witchcraft to trick others into performing sexual acts with them. It's usually obvious, but some people can be very smooth talkers, so just be careful.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to practice witchcraft. Almost everything can be substituted for something that you already have on hand. Those cheap Dollar Tree candles can replace those pricy colored candles.

If you are going to buy crystals, make sure to learn how to tell the difference between fakes and real ones. There are a lot of fakes being sold online. It doesn't hurt to double-check the reviews of the site.

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