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Protection Spells for Spirits

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

What are Protection Spells:

Protection spells have been around for centuries and have been used in all parts of the world. Some of the first known practitioners of Protection magic are from ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians had different rituals that would protect individuals by warding away evil spirits.

The ancient Egyptians would use many different objects in their rituals to include protective wands and amulets. Some of the items were used to protect pregnant women from evil forces.

Today, protection spells can be used for many different reasons to include Protection from negative energies, protecting your loved ones from harm, safe travel in distant lands, and from malevolent spirits.

Will a Protection Spell work against a Spirit:

I have first-hand experience when it comes to trying different spells to protect and ultimately banish a spirit. The evilest and most active spirits I have encountered happened during my travels in the middle east and the far east. I have always believed this was because of the amount of black magic practiced in those regions.

I learned that when it comes to protection spells, you need to think of it as building protective layers around you and your house. Imagine a castle from the middle ages and the type of protection it would have. You could expect to see a wall, a mote, armed guards, and a keep.

We will go over multiple protective layers that can be placed outside and inside your house and on your person to protect you against a spirit.

How to Know if a Spirit is around You:

A telltale sign that a spirit is near you is that your items will go missing from places you were for sure you left them. They will magically reappear in odd places days or even weeks later.

Another sign is if you hear noises, especially footsteps in your house, but you are the only person home. You are hearing voices or someone calling your name when no one is around is another sign.

Did your pet all of a sudden start acting weird, maybe staring into space, growling at nothing, or barking more, especially at no one in particular. Animals have keen senses and can be an excellent warning sign if a spirit is around.

Your body starts to feel different. Maybe you begin to get sudden chills, your heart races. You smell something foul when nothing should smell bad. You become more anxious in your house than usual, or "You feel a presence of evil".

Protecting The Outside Perimeter of Your House from Spirits:

The first step to protecting your house and loved ones from spirits is to build up a protective layer on the outside of the residence.

Protection Plants:

I would recommend selecting some plants to put around the outside of your house with magical associations with protection.

List of plants with magical associations of protection:

  • Carnation

  • Geranium

  • Hyacinth

  • Lilac

  • Rose

  • Snapdragon

  • Tulip

I keep Rose bushes, Snapdragons, and Tulips around my house. You can select any combination from the list, but I highly recommend you plant two different types.

Another option is to place stones that have magical associations with protection around your house.

List of stones with magical associations of protection:

  • Amethyst

  • Bloodstone

  • Hematite (associated with defense: deflects negative energy)

  • Jade

  • Jasper

  • Snowflake Obsidian

I do not personally put individual stones around my house. I like to build stepping stones leading to my front and back door. I will make an entirely different post on directions on how to make the stepping stones.

Protecting The Inside of Your House from Spirits:

The two most straightforward steps you can do to protect your home from a spirit would be to make a protection sachet and a sigil for protection. Rember, we are making multiple layers to protect our loved ones and ourselves from a spirit. We do not want to find out how powerful or ill-intentioned the spirit is, so it's best to have multiple layers and ones we can put up relatively fast.

Protection Sachet:

After making the protection sachet, you can hang it somewhere in your house. You can make multiples, hang them above the door in each room, or put them in different draws throughout the house. You also have the option to place it in the glove box or under your seat in your vehicle.

How to make the Protection Sachet:


  • Rosemary

  • Angelica

  • Sage

  • Three cloves

  • A small amount of salt

  • Red thread or ribbon

  • A sachet

How to use it:

  • Place the herbs and salt into the sachet

  • While placing the herbs in the sachet, say the following chant:

"Protect this home from all that is dark.

Defend all who dwell here too.

Preserve this place where we reside.

Guard with light that is true"

  • Tie the sachet closed with the red thread or ribbon

Protection Sigil:

Now it's time to make a protection sigil. Sigils are some of the most common forms of magic used for a reason. They are not challenging to master compared to other forms of magic, and they only require a piece of paper and pen; once you make the sigil make sure to draw it somewhere hidden in your house.

How to make the Protection Sigil:


  • A sharpie or permanent marker

  • One pencil

  • A piece of paper

  • Have a statement of intention

The next step is to take the pen and paper and write out your statement of intention or what you hope this spell will bring. Some good ways to start would be to write something like "I wish" or "It is my will" Below is an example of what I wrote out as my statement of intention for this spell.

Statement of Intention

"It is my will to keep my house and everyone living inside it safe and protected from all that seeks to harm them.

Once you have decided on what statement of intent to write down, go ahead and cross out any repeating letters.

Once you crossed out all of the repeating letters, go ahead and combine them to create a symbol. The symbol is going to look odd, but that's okay. You want to look at the letters, and while you are combining them, allow your unconscious mind to do the work. Don't try to draw a picture. Just start drawing, not knowing what's going to happen.

The next step is to charge the sigil. Here are two ways you can charge the sigil. Just be aware there are many different ways to do this. Find what works best for you.

  1. (Touch) Imagine your energy flowing through your body like blood. Imagine that energy starting to flow and gather in your hand. Touch the sigil, keep the intent in your mind, and imagine all of that energy flowing through your hand into the sigil. Let go of the sigil to cut off the energy flow.

  2. (Breathe) Take deep, purposeful breathes. With each inhale, imagine energy flowing into your lungs with the air. Each breath gathers more and more energy, pooling in your lungs. When you feel ready, take one last deep breath and hold it. Bring the intent of the sigil to the forefront of your mind and exhale that pool of energy onto the sigil.

Now that you have charged your sigil, the next step is to draw the sigil somewhere hidden in your house.

Once you complete drawing the sigil, take a second and close your eyes. Infuse your home with protection by closing your eyes and saying:

"I charm this house with protection; may all who reside here be safe from harm. With the blessing of the Universe, I cast on thee, protect me, protect my loved ones, protect my home"

Protecting Yourself from Spirits:

The last layer in your protection spells should be you. One way to do that is to perform a ritual to bless you and your clothing.


  • A black candle

  • A lighter or match

  • Sage

The first step is to place your clothing on the ground or a table. Now light the sage and smudge your clothing.

Next, place your hands on your clothing and light the candle, while lighting the candle say the following:

"I bless these clothes on this day: may they help me move safely. May the Universe provide for me clothing that protects and heals my energy. May my ancestors hear my call to bless these garments and skin they lie upon. May they protect me, so it is, and so it shall be"

Now you, your home, and loved ones have multiple protection spells against spirits and should be safe. It is now time to consider using banishing spells to rid yourself of the spirit once and for all.

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