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Protection Spells for a Baby Witch

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Protection spells are one of the main fundamentals a new witch should learn before moving on to other forms of witchcraft—a lot of newcomers who decide not to continue practicing witchcraft start by trying love spells first.

You should learn the fundamentals first, and love magick should not be your number one priority when learning witchcraft. Some of the first spells you should try if you are new to witchcraft are protection spells and cleansing rituals.

Learning to remove negative energy from yourself, your home, and protect you from negative energies will get you started on the right path to success.

If you are interested in learning about protection spells, here are two easy-to-do protection spells that are great for baby witches.

Candle Magick Spell for Protection

I like to use this candle protection spell to protect my home, and I try to cast it once a month. It is a relatively simple spell to cast, so even a baby witch should be more than capable of handling it.

You will need the following items for this candle magick protection spell.

You will want to get a black candle (for protection and banishing negative energy) and a white candle (for protection and purification).

Next, you will need some cinnamon essential oil (protects against evil intentions and negative energies from others), some crushed garlic (protects against robbers, thieves, enemies, and mother nature's furies), and some crushed or chopped parsley (protects against bad luck, evil influences, and black magick)

Cast the candle spell on a waning moon. A waning moon (crescent moon) is when the moon looks like a crescent, and the crescent decreases ("wanes") in size from one day to the next.

How to cast a candle magick spell for protection

After you have gathered all of your ingredients, you will want to cleanse your candles of any negative energy.

After cleansing the candles, pour a tablespoon of cinnamon essential oil into a container and mix a pinch of crushed garlic and parsley with the cinnamon.

Now anoint both candles by drizzling a little bit of your essential oil mix onto the candles.

Go ahead and light both of the candles. While you are lighting the candles, say the following chant three times:

"Protect this home from all that is dark,

Protect all who dwell here too,

Protect with the light that is true."

Now focus on the burning candle for a couple of seconds. Close your eyes and begin to meditate. Imagine that the fire's light is growing brighter and brighter until it clears away all of the darkness hiding in your home. Meditate like this for about five minutes before you stop. Go ahead and let the candles burn for a little while before putting the flames out.

The candle protection spell is complete. You do not need to do anything else. I recommend performing this spell once a month, but you can do it more or less.

How to Make an Amulet of Protection

We are going to make this amulet with the intention to protect the wearer on their travels. This amulet works great for me because I travel a lot, and I always wear it whenever traveling. You can make different amulets to protect against other things like evil people, sickness, bad luck, or even curses.

You will need the following items to make an amulet of protection

You will need a necklace cord that has an empty stone holder. Make sure the crystal you select will fit in the stone holder.

You will need one of the following crystals: moonstone (superb for protection during travel), clear quartz (all-purpose stone good for general protection), or hematite (deflects negativity, good for defense, and has iron in it, so it protects against evil spirits).

Once you have gathered your items, you will want to cleanse the necklace cord and your stone. You have a couple of options for cleansing your items. The first is to smudge them with sage, or you can set them out in the sunlight. You can also set them outside during a full moon and let the rays of the moon do the cleansing.

Another way to cleanse your items is to place them in a small dish of salt. This cleansing method works great for anything except for things that have metal in them, like hematite. As salt can make metal rust.

Now that your necklace and moonstone (because this amulet is for protection during travels) are ready, take the moonstone, hold it in your hand, and close your hand tightly.

While you are holding the moonstone, think of something that makes you feel safe. Now imagine the moonstone makes you feel like that. Hold the feeling for a couple of minutes, and then open your hand.

When you open your hand, look at the moonstone and say the following chant three times:

"By the light of the moon,

I'll reach my destination soon,

The trip shall safe and happy be,

for all concerned as well as me."

Now you can place the moonstone in the necklace's stone holder and wear the amulet anytime you will be traveling.

If you are curious to learn more about protection crystals, try this post (The Best Protection Crystals and Stones)

Baby Witch Tip:

You can change the stone and the chant to help protect against other things. For negative energy, use an obsidian crystal and say the following chant:

"Negative energy you may not stay,

You are released, be on your way,

from here on out, I banish thee.

these are my words, so mote it be."

Another type of protection magick is to use a protection spell jar. These are popular because spell jars look fabulous if done right and are very easy to put together, making them an excellent choice for baby witches.

If you would like to learn about how to make a protection spell jar, I recommend reading this post I wrote (How to Make a Protection Spell Jar)

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