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Manifestation Techniques for Beginners

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

What are Manifestation Techniques

Manifestation is the idea that there is a universal rule which dictates that thoughts can become things. What you think and believe has immense power, and you attract whatever your most substantial thoughts are.

Manifestation techniques are rituals that you perform so that you can focus on the things you want to manifest in your life.

People tend to focus on the negative in their lives. Have you ever laid in bed late at night thinking about your problems? Do you spend more time worrying about a life crisis or finding yourself anxious and having negative thoughts than you do on the positive things in life?

Worrying or having negative thoughts are common, but this is why most people fail when it comes to manifesting what you desire. If you spend more time thinking about your problems, you will manifest more issues in your life.

The purpose of manifestation techniques is to help you focus on what you desire in life and not everything negative that might surround you.

Some techniques are keeping a journal and writing about what you desire before going to bed. Another method is called scripting, and that is when you describe in writing your life as if you already have what you wish to manifest.

Manifestation Techniques for Love

Have you ever wished you could make your soulmate appear out of thin air? If you have, your in luck because if you use this simple manifestation technique, there is a chance your soulmate could appear.

You will need the following items to perform this manifestation spell.

Paper and pen or pencil

Pink candle

A match or lighter

A fireproof bowl or container

A tool to dig with

Cast the spell on a new moon

The first step is to script for about 10 to 15 minutes every day for one week.

When you are scripting, write what you want to manifest. Since we are writing about our soulmates, pretend they have already appeared and write about what it would be like to have them with you. During your scripting, write everything in the present tense as if it is currently happening.

An example of scripting would be:

"She makes me feel happy, loved, and taken care of."

"We have lots of fun together doing outdoor stuff like going on hikes and bike rides."

"We go out to eat at my favorite restaurant all the time together."

You will need to time this out so that it is a new moon after one week of scripting. During the new moon, it is the best time to cast any manifestation spells.

Now you will want to light your candle and read what you have written out loud. Once you have finished reading the script, use the candle to light one page at a time. Place the burning paper in your fireproof bowl or container (Whatever you do, please be careful not to start a fire)

While the paper is burning, chant the following until the last page has finished burning:

"Winds to the East, Sun by Moon; Bring me my love soon; I wait with Goddess as she shines my path, send my lover to me by hearts map".

Now blow out the candle and take the burnt ashes outside and dig a hole near your home. Bury the ashes in the hole and cover the hole back up with dirt.

You have completed the manifestation spell.

Manifestation Techniques for Money

The first trick to manifesting money is seeing the abundance of money you already have and expressing gratitude for it. Even if you are struggling to pay your bills, you want to find and focus on the positives. Think about what money you do have and imagine it in abundance.

Another technique is to use items as a way to see your abundance of money. Buy a larger purse and imagine it is because you need more space for all of your money. When you're taking a bath, imagine it is full of money.

For this next manifestation technique, we are going to make a money tree bottle.

You will need the following.

A small glass bottle with a wooden cork

A green piece of cloth

A teaspoon of dried Jasmine (magical associations with prosperity)

A teaspoon of dried Poppy (magical associations with prosperity)

A teaspoon of dried Sunflower (magical associations with success and luck)

A teaspoon of dried Basil (magical associations with success and prosperity)

A teaspoon of Cinnamon (Cinnamon is associated with spells involving money)

A piece of paper and pen or pencil

Cast the spell on a new moon

The first step is to write down your intention. What is your goal with this spell? You want to manifest money, so write something down like:

"I release all resistance to attracting money. I am worthy of a positive cash flow." or "I have the power to create the success and build the wealth I desire."

Now take your herbs and pour them one at a time into the glass jar. Each time you put a different herb into the glass jar, read aloud your intention.

Once you have finished putting the herbs into the glass jar, take the piece of paper with your intention written on it and rip it into small pieces. While you are tearing the paper into pieces, say the following chant three times.

"Money, money unto thee,

Abundant wealth, three times three,

with harm to none as you find your way,

May my wealth increase every day,

Bring me money three times three.

Hear me now, so mote it be."

Now seal the bottle with the wooden cork and tie the green piece of cloth around the bottle.

You now have a money tree bottle store it where you will see it daily. Maybe on a shelf or a windowsill.

Manifestation Techniques before Bed

My favorite manifestation technique before bed is to create a short mental scene that plays out my intention.

If I intend to find my soulmate, I can play out a brief mental scene where I am walking along a beach, listening to the crashing waves, and holding hands with my soulmate.

The goal of your mental scene is to imagine something that implies your desire has manifested already. You can write down your short mental scene if it helps you remember.

During the mental scene, make sure you focus on your emotions. Imagine exactly how you would feel during that scene. Think about what you would smell, hear, see, and feel. If your holding hands with your soulmate walking along the beach, how would that make you feel?

Now that you have your brief mental scene figured out. Every time you lie down to go to bed, you will play the scene repeatedly in your mind. Focus on the scene being as real as possible. Your goal is to fall asleep playing the scene in your mind.

Keep doing this every night until your desire manifests in your physical reality!

Manifestation Techniques for Health

If you want to heal your body, you must first heal your mind. You do this by focusing on the positive and not the negative.

If you think and believe in positive things, you will bring positive things into your life. Change your negative mindset to a positive mindset.

Manifesting good health will require that you are clear with what you are asking for, or you might manifest something you do not want.

When you think about how you want to feel, don't think about things like "I am not going to get sick." or "sickness will not happen to me." Thinking like that is focusing on the negative instead of the positive. Instead, tell yourself, "I am healthy, whole, and complete." Always focus on the positive.

Next time you find yourself focusing on your aches or illnesses, take out a pen or pencil and write down everything that doesn't hurt on your body. Stop fixating on a problem and take notice of your body parts that are working and feeling the right way.

You can even get very specific and write out examples like this:

  • 'My heart beats strong and healthy.'

  • 'My immune system is in peak condition.'

  • 'My kidneys work efficiently and easily all the time.'

The key to manifesting the health that you desire is by recognizing your negative mindset and being positive. Use your positive thoughts to help manifest a healthier you.

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