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Manifestation Magic Spells: A Spell to Attract Money

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

What is Manifestation Magic

Manifestation Magic is the use of magic by a practitioner to make something appear in their lives by casting a spell or performing a ritual.

Manifestation Magic has been made well-known by the phrase "Law of Attraction." Which is an online guide that promises to manifest love, money, or anything else you desire.

The Law of Attraction is not a recent phenomenon like the many different websites attempting to sell you their guides will claim. Writers and thinkers have discussed it from diverse spiritual, philosophical, and occult backgrounds for several centuries, including many magic practitioners.

The simplest way to describe what manifestation magic is would be the use of magic to manifest or bring something you desire into your life.

How does Manifestation Magic Work

We are talking about spells and witchcraft, not changing the brainwaves in your head by listening to a prerecorded message every night or thinking happy thoughts to bring back an ex-lover.

By no means am I discrediting the Manifestation Magic program because I have not used it before, and I have no experience with the program. It does appear gimmicky to me, and it has many affiliate marketers promoting it, which usually means people will say good things about the product just to get a sale.

When it comes to manifestation spells, this type of magic works like a lot of other magic. You create a spell tailored to your needs and desires. You decide what you want and how to develop your spell to achieve that desire. Or you have the option of finding another spell that someone else created and you believe will fulfill your needs.

Once you have developed or selected the correct spell that you believe will work best for your goal, you will need to cast the spell.

Now that the spell has been cast, what happens next? Whatever it is you wanted will not materialize in front of your very eyes—Thats not how this type of magic works.

Let's pretend that you cast a spell intending to manifest more money. Assuming everything went correctly during the spell, money would slowly begin to appear but not out of thin air.

You might find a 20 dollar bill on the ground one day; maybe you will get an unexpected raise, or your business will start to become more profitable. You could stumble upon a valuable item at a flea market. However, money begins to enter your life. It will be more than what it would have been if you had not cast the spell.

A Pinecone Money Charm

This spell was created to attract money into your life. You can review it and make any necessary adjustments that you feel will make it better suited for your needs.

What you will need:

A dollar bill (it is best to use one that was created during your birth year)

Dragons blood ink (you can purchase it or make your own)

A quill or nib pen

One pinecone

A piece of dark green yarn or ribbon

Some essential pine oil

Cast during the night on a new or waxing moon (When you see the moon getting bigger in the night sky, you see more and more of its illuminated surface. This growing moon is called a waxing moon)

A tool to dig up dirt with

A blade to carve in the dirt with

Know on how to draw a pentagram


Create a Manifestation Sigil

If you decide to create a manifestation sigil, you will need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. You will also need a statement of intent for the manifestation sigil, and a means to charge the sigil.

I recommend using fire to charge manifestation sigils. You can do this by burning the statement of intent for your manifestation sigil. You will need something to light the paper with and a fireproof bowl if you plan to use fire as a way to charge the sigil.

If you desire to add a manifestation sigil and need directions on how to accomplish this, I wrote a how-to guide on creating sigils. Here is the link to the guide (How to make a sigil)

Recipe for making your own Dragon's Blood ink

You will need powdered Dragon's Blood resin, gum arabic, water or an alcohol base, and a cloth or coffee filter.

Start by grinding the Dragon's Blood resin as finely as you can. Now grind the gum arabic and add the water or alcohol base. Lastly, strain the finished ink through a cloth or coffee filter.

How it's done:

During the night on a new or waxing moon, take your dollar bill and, using the Dragon's Blood ink write what your desire is on the dollar bill. Some examples could be "I wish to be financially secure, so mote it be." or "I desire an abundance of wealth, so mote it be."

While you are writing your desire on the dollar bill, make sure to maintain a strong focus on what you intend this spell to accomplish.


If you intend to use a manifestation sigil, draw the sigil on the side of the dollar bill that you did not write your desire on.

Once you have completed writing your intentions down, wrap the dollar bill around the pinecone. Take the dark green yarn or ribbon and secure your dollar bill to the pinecone by tying the string around it.

Anoint the pinecone money charm with three drops of essential pine oil. Now you will enchant the pinecone money charm by holding it between the palms of your hands and saying the following incantation:

"This charm I fix,

This spell I cast,

I the mighty name of Bast,

To make my wealth grow.

Like the moon during this time most opportune.

Work thee well now charm and verse

To draw abundance to my purse.

As it is willed, so mote it be!"

The next step is to bury the pinecone money charm in the ground. During this process, do not speak or even say a word.

Once you have buried the pinecone money charm, draw a pentagram into the earth. Now take your index finger and draw a pentagram three times in the air above your buried charm.

The spell is complete. You have nothing else you need to do for this spell.

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