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How to use a Ouija Board

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

How Ouija Boards Work

Ouija boards are simple to use, and they are easy enough that a young child could figure out how to use them. This is why they have become such a popular child's board game.

The basic concept is you place your hands lightly on the pointer (planchette), which rests on the Ouija board. The Ouija board has "yes" and "no" in the top corners of the board. It also has the alphabet in the center, and at the bottom, it has the word "goodbye."

The goal is to summon a spirit and ask it questions. The spirit will answer your questions by moving the planchette over letters to spell out its answers. When you or the spirit are done communicating, one of you will slide the planchette over to "goodbye."

The game might sound harmless to some, but there is a reason many people believe Ouija boards can be dangerous. Not every spirit you invite into your home is going to be friendly. That is why you should take precautions to protect yourself before using an Ouija board.

Are Ouija Boards Safe for New Witches to use

Yes, Ouija boards are safe for new witches to use as long as they have cleansed the board and have set up some protections.

Ouija boards are tools of communication, just like tarot cards and tea leaves. I haven't heard anyone claim you should not use tarot cards or tea leaves.

Ouija boards have gotten a bad rap over time. Mostly from Hollywood. I can think of a couple of horror movies (the exorcist, paranormal activity, and the conjuring 2) that have portrayed Ouija boards as dangerous to use.

Do Ouija Boards Summon Spirits

Ouija boards can assist with communicating and summoning spirits. But if we are talking about an Ouija board massed produced and sold at a big box store, they will not summon spirits.

So if you know of someone who has purchased an Ouija board and given it to a child, chances that the child will summon some evil spirit while playing with their new Ouija board is doubtful.

Ouija boards are similar to tarot cards. Tarot cards need to be cleansed and stored correctly for them to work the way you intend them to work (check out this post I wrote on How to Cleanse and Care for Tarot Cards if you're interested in learning more.)

Protections to use with a Ouija Board

Taking the proper steps to protect yourself from an evil spirit before using the Ouija board is essential to ensure you and the people who live in your house are safe.

One of the first steps I would recommend is casting a circle of protection before using your Ouija board. Not every witch will use circles of protection, but most Wiccans who practice witchcraft will. If you would like to give it a try and do not know how to cast a circle of protection, check out this post I wrote on How to Cast a Circle of Protection.

You can also make a sigil of protection and put it somewhere in your house. Preferably you would draw it somewhere out of sight in the room that you intend to use your Ouija board in. If you would like to learn how to make a sigil, check out this post on How to Make a Sigil.

Another option is to keep a Jade stone near you or wear a piece of jewelry that has Jade in it. Jade is a powerful protection crystal that will keep you safe from spirits and psychic attacks. (The Best Protection Crystals and Stones)

If you would like even more protection or none of the above choices interest you, try making a protection spell jar or a protection charm. Both are relatively simple to make. You can use the protection spell jar as a decorative piece in your house and wear the protection charm or put it in your pocket. (How to Make a Protection Spell Jar, How to Make a Protection Charm)

How to use a Ouija Board as a New Witch

As I mentioned earlier, your first step will be to cleanse your Ouija board. That is assuming you have not already done so. Cleansing your Ouija Board with some sage or rosemary should do the trick. Well, you're at it go ahead and cleanse your space that you are going to be using the Ouija board in and yourself.

Now you will want to set up some protections for yourself. I recommend at least casting a circle of protection before using the Ouija board. I always start by casting a circle of protection, and I have numerous other magickal protections in my home.

Ensure that the room you select to use your Ouija board has the lights turned off or dimmed, and there are no distractions. Now light a black, white, and purple candle. You can have more than one but try to use those colors. (Use black candles for protection and repelling negative energy, white candles for protection, and purple candles for psychic power.)

Make sure to have a piece of paper and something to write with ready, so you can write down any messages you get.

Next, I like to meditate to get focused on my intent and decide who I will attempt to communicate with and what questions I will ask. You should always be specific with who you are trying to communicate with. If not, you will be inviting anyone into your home.

Now you are ready to begin using the Ouija board. Be specific on who you wish to communicate with and ask specific questions. Do not ask questions you don't want to know the answers to. Once you have finished, thank the spirit for coming and wish them farewell.

When you are done, don't forget to close the circle of protection.

Baby Witch Tips:

Do not use the Ouija board when you are tired, angry, or depressed.

Do not use the Ouija board for financial gain.

Never let the spirit take control of the session.

Never try to get revenge on someone while using the Ouija board.

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