How to Make a Truth Spell

I made this spell for a friend to find out what one of their friend's true romantic feelings towards them were. So the whole purpose of the spell is to make the other person/target open up to you and tell you their true feelings towards you.

Now for this spell, I used ingredients with the intention to get the target to share his honest romantic feelings with my friend. You can change up the ingredients depending on what your intention is.

What You will need to make a Truth Spell

First, you will need a piece of paper and something to write with to make a sigil.

You will need a lock of hair (the hair was from my friend, so if the spell is for someone to tell you the truth, you will use your hair, not the target's hair)

A blue candle (to seal the sigil closed), rose hips (symbolizes love), star anise (associated with passion), an amazonite heart (associated with honest communication), red jasper (associated with lust), agrimony (associated with honest communication) and rosemary oil (associated with love and purification). And lastly, a satchel.

Why I Selected These Ingredients for my Truth Spell

I chose these items to try and cover a variety of different romantic/sexual associations.

I set the intention for this person to be honest about their feelings. Even if they do not have any feelings towards my friend, they will admit it.

How to Cast A Truth of Heart Spell

First, I laid everything out, as you can see in the picture below. You can do this or not. That is up to you.

To start this spell, light the blue candle and begin creating your sigil. I made the sigil with the intention that the other person would be honest about their romantic feelings for my friend.

Next, fold your sigil and use the candle wax to seal it. Take the rosemary oil and put a couple of drops onto the wax.

Now take each item and place it into your satchel. Make sure the last thing you put in the satchel is the sigil. Tie the satchel closed and blow out the candle.

After making the satchel, I gave it to my friend and instructed her to carry it whenever she believed she might interact with the target.

The final step for this spell requires the person carrying the satchel to initiate a conversation with the target. For my spell, I instructed my friend to start a conversation with the target and ask him how he feels about her.

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