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How to Make a Money Spell Jar

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

What is a Money Spell Jar

A money spell jar attracts wealth by combining herbs and crystals with magickal attributes of wealth, luck, and prosperity.

It is common to use candle wax and a sigil with a money spell jar to increase the spell jar's likelihood of success.

When it comes to money spells, it is trendy for someone to use manifestation techniques, which usually use the power of your mind to will money into your life through various means.

A money spell jar is different because you can put the spell jar together, and the magick will work passively in the background.

When Should I Use a Money Spell Jar

The obvious answer would be to use a money spell jar whenever you need money. But you do not need only to use money spell jars when you're short on rent for the month.

Money spell jars can be used for many different situations, and these situations do not always need to be dire or fueled by greed.

Let's say you were planning on going to the casino with your friends this coming weekend. Before going to the casino would be a fantastic opportunity to make a money spell jar.

You could also use a money spell jar for a promotion at work or a new job. If you wanted to increase the chance of getting that promotion or landing that new job, you could do that by making a money spell jar.

An out-of-the-box example would be if you had some event where you expected to be gifted money like an upcoming wedding. You could make a money spell jar to increase the amount of money you would receive.

Baby Witch Tip:

You will still need to put the work in for the spell jar to work its magick.

Consider the example I used for landing a new job that paid more. If you were in that situation, don't just make a money spell jar and expect everything will work out.

The spell jar will increase your chances of landing that new job. But you would still need to take everything seriously, like practicing for the interview, being on time, and making sure your resume looks great.

How Long does it Take for a Money Spell to Work

I cannot remember when I used a money spell jar without a specific situation in mind. I will usually make a money spell jar within 7 to 10 days before the event occurs that I need the money spell jar for.

I am generally pleased with the results of my money spell jars, but not everyone has worked. A few have been duds, and I'm not sure if I had made the spell jar earlier if that would have made a difference or not. The energy working against me in those situations may have been too much for me to overcome.

If you are using a money spell jar out of desperation and need it to work instantly, unfortunately, that's not how spell jars work. This type of magick takes time to work.

If you have made the spell jar and have been actively working towards your goal, you should soon see the tides turn in your favor. How long will that take? I cannot tell you an exact time, but it should take a week or two for things to start happening from my experience.

Which Herbs and Crystals Should I use for a Money Spell Jar

When it comes to putting together a spell jar, one of the essential factors is picking the right ingredients for your intentions.

I like to select herbs and crystals that have magickal associations with wealth, luck, and prosperity.

Below is a list of herbs and crystals that I recommend that you consider for use if you plan to make a money spell jar.

Herbs and their magickal attributes related to a money spell jar:

Mint: Attracts money and success

Almond: Attracts money

Ash: Used for prosperity

Basil: Used for luck

Cinnamon: Attracts money

Comfrey: Used for prosperity

Ginger: Used to attract money

Jasmine: Used for prosperity

Marjoram: Used to attract money

Nutmeg: Used for luck

Parsley: Used for prosperity

Another herb to consider is dried chamomile flowers. They are used to help with bad luck.

Crystals and their magical attributes related to money spell jars:

Aventurine: Used for prosperity and luck

Carnelia: Used for success and manifestation

Jade: Used for prosperity

Tiger's eye: Used for luck and prosperity

Copper: Used for good luck

Goldstone: Used for fortune and luck

Blue apatite: Used for success

Ruby: Used for success and to attract wealth

Another crystal to consider is smoky quartz. It is used for manifestation and helps turn goals into reality.

Should I add a Sigil to my Spell Jar

If you know how to make a sigil, I highly recommend adding a sigil to your spell jars. Sigils will increase the likely hood of the spell succeeding.

When it comes to adding a sigil to a spell jar, I like to draw it on the bottom of the jar's lid. That way, the sigil is hidden away out of sight.

If you would like to learn how to make a sigil, give this post a read (How to Make a Sigil)

How to Make a Money Spell Jar

You will need the following items to make a money spell jar.

You will need one green candle and something to light the candle.

A sealable glass jar (I like mason jars, you can use whatever you prefer)

You will need to select five herbs from the list above that meet your intentions. ( I would choose mint, basil, cinnamon, ginger, and jasmine.)

You will need two types of crystals from the list above in the form of chips. (I would choose jade and aventurine crystal chips.)

How much of each ingredient you need will be up to you to determine because you can use whatever sized container you would like.

Once you have gathered all of the ingredients, you can begin making your money spell jar.

The first thing I would start with would be to make a sigil. A sigil is not required for a money spell jar.

Next, start layering your spell jar by putting one layer of ingredients down then putting the next layer of ingredients down. I prefer to make everything kind of even, but that's not a requirement.

I will usually start by putting a layer of crystals down, then two or three herbs, then the other layer of crystals, and finally the last layer of herbs.

While you are layering the spell jar with your herbs and crystal chips, say the following incantation:

"Money and riches abound,

Fill my pockets as you find your way,

Banish my debt and harm none,

Money, money come to me."

Now you will want to seal the jar and light the candle. (If you are adding a sigil, make sure to draw it before sealing the jar)

Let the candle burn for a little while. A few minutes should do. While the candle is burning, you should meditate.

While you are meditating, imagine that an abundance of money is on its way to you. Focus on your intention until you have cleared all of your thoughts besides your goal. Let your intention build in you as if it was a ball of energy.

Now take the candle and pour some of the wax onto the lid, sealing the container closed. While you are pouring the wax, say the following incantation:

"Money, wealth, riches abound,

Find your way to me safe and sound,

Fill my pockets and wallet full,

As I said it, so mote it be."

Once you have finished saying the incantation take a deep breath and then let it out, releasing the ball of energy you had built up into the money spell jar.

The money spell jar is complete. You can put the spell jar somewhere in your house. I usually place it in my study as that is where I handle my finances.

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