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How to make a money bowl

What is a money bowl

A money bowl is used to bring money, prosperity, and abundance to you or your business. It's simple, and even a new witch should be able to make one without too much of a challenge.

One way to help improve the chances of your spell working is to make a money bowl and make a money spell jar. You can check out this post I made about how to make a money spell jar

If you plan to make your money bowl with the best moon phase, I recommend doing it during the new moon (When the moon is completely dark in the sky), which is the perfect time for a manifestation spell.

New Witch Tip:

You probably hear moon phases mentioned all the time, especially if you got into witchcraft from TikTok or Instagram. So that you know, you do not have to do all of your spells or rituals based on the current moon phase. Remember, there are no set rules, just people's opinions and recommendations on what worked best for them.

What to use in your money bowl

When you gather your ingredients to make your money bowl, make sure to consider your intentions and try to pick items that work best for you with those intentions.

Obviously, you will need a bowl, but that is the only requirement. You can add numerous items like trinkets, coins, candles, herbs, crystals, oils, and even a sigil.

Another item you will need is paper which you will use to write down your intention.

Candles: I like to use a green candle anytime my intention involves money or prosperity. You can always use a white candle if you do not have a green one on hand.

Crystals: You have many options when you decide which crystals to use. I usually use two different crystals, using crystal chips instead of larger stones.

Aventurine: Used for prosperity and luck

Carnelia: Used for success and manifestation

Jade: Used for prosperity

Tiger's eye: Used for luck and prosperity

Copper: Used for good luck

Goldstone: Used for fortune and luck

Blue apatite: Used for success

Ruby: Used for success and to attract wealth

Smoky quartz. It is used for manifestation and helps turn goals into reality.

Herbs: Again, this is another one that you have plenty of options to select from, and it shouldn't be too hard to pick some herbs that you already have on hand.

Mint: Attracts money and success

Almond: Attracts money

Ash: Used for prosperity

Basil: Used for luck

Cinnamon: Attracts money

Comfrey: Used for prosperity

Ginger: Used to attract money

Jasmine: Used for prosperity

Marjoram: Used to attract money

Nutmeg: Used for luck

Parsley: Used for prosperity

Chamomile flowers. They are used to help with bad luck.

Examples of money bowls

How to make a money bowl

First, gather all of your items together. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to clear any negative energy from your workspace.

If you are going to use a sigil, I would start by making the sigil and drawing on the bottom of the bowl. Here is a guide in case you need some help making a sigil: How to make a sigil

Next, place your candle in the middle of the bowl. If you want to use oils or herbs to anoint your candle, this would be the best time to do so. Now light the candle and say out loud your intention or you can say an incantation.

Here is an example of an incantation that you could use:

" I seek wealth and riches,

fill my hands with silver and gold,

all the gold and silver my hands can hold."

Here are some examples of intentions that you could say:

"I have all of my bills paid." or "I will start a successful business."

Now place your items into the bowl. While doing this, imagine your intention has already come to fruition.

Take the paper you wrote your intention on and fold it closed. Now seal it with the wax of your candle. Put the paper in the bowl and sit quietly, imagining that your intention has come to pass. After a couple of minutes, you can blow out the candle.

Your money bowl is complete, and you can place the bowl at the doorway to your home or business.

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