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How to Make a Love Candle: Great for Love Spells

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

I have been in a crafty mood of late, and with Valentine's Day around the corner, I wanted to make some love candles to give out as gifts to some of my lovely ladies.

If you are a creative person, candle magick can be enjoyable and an outstanding outlet for those imaginative energies. I enjoy making unique candles to give out as gifts, and I am hoping by making this post, some new witches realize the fantastic potential candle magick has to offer.

If you wonder how I made the love candle read on, I will give you directions on how I did it. Also, leave a comment and let me know how you think the love candle turned out.

Which Candles are Best for Love Spells

I'm sure you can guess what the typical answer would be if someone asks, "What are the best candles for love spells?" Right, your response will probably be, "Red, pink, even white candles will suffice." And that is not a horrible answer, but we should ask ourselves, are we using the best candles for love spells?

I am a firm believer in being creative, and the more creativity you put into your magick, the more powerful your magick can become. Open a new tab and Google search "What are the best candles for love spells?" I can guarantee you will see the same answer over and over again, "red, pink, even white candles." Why do we accept these generic answers? If you are a new witch, I implore you to be more creative and not be a generic witch because your not generic. Your unique, and that should show in your magick.

Here are some creative examples of what you can do with your candles.

To answer the question of which candles are best for love spells, of course, red, pink, and white candles would be the way to go, but why not put some love and creativity into your candles.

You can get creative and save money at the same time by purchasing blocks of wax off Amazon and using molds to make your candles. So you could use a rose mold and cut off a piece of your wax block, and melt it down. Mix it with whatever color you would like, and when it hardens, you will have a rose candle for your love spell.

The Best Time to Cast a Love Spell

Moon phase: The New Moon

The best time to cast a love spell is during the new moon. The new moon is a fresh start. When the moon is in this phase, you can barely see it, and the sky can appear black. The new moon is a great time to encourage beginnings, especially in love.

Weekday: Friday

Ruled by Venus, Fridays are all about love magick. Do spells on this day to attract a new partner, strengthen your existing relationship, create long-lasting friendships and platonic love, and enhance self-love. Venus energy can also help with glamour spells and help connect you with your sexual and sensual self.

Time of day: Night

The night is the time to cast spells to enhance self-development, love, psychic dreams, divination, spirituality, and healing.

What You Will Need to Make a Love Candle

You will need candle wax (for this love candle, I used white tea lights that I melted down). The candle wax can be whatever color you desire. You will need rose oil, rose petals, hibiscus flowers, lavender, blue topaz tumbled stones, clear quartz, and rose quartz. I used a heart-shaped ashtray for the container, and I did top it off with some glitter.

You do not need to use every item I did. Feel free to change it up and make a love candle that is unique to you.

How to Make a Love Candle

After you gather all your ingredients, you will want to melt down your candle wax. If you want to add color to the candle wax, this is a great time to do that.

Before pouring the wax into your container, put whatever you want at the bottom down first. Now you will want to pour a little wax to make layers. So add some wax, then put down some of your items.

I made sure to get the rose petals and hibiscus flowers covered with wax to protect them better. I did mix the rose oil into the wax before I started layering my heart-shaped ashtray.

Continue pouring the wax and layering the container until it is almost full. Once you are ready, you can add some glitter. Oh, don't forget to add a candlewick if your planning on lighting your candle.

Let the wax harden, and you should be good to go. If you make a love candle, I would love to see it. Please take a picture of your love candle and post it in the comments.

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