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How to get rid of a Jinn

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

What is a Jinn

Djinn (singular jinn, plural djinn) are spirits that reside in deserts or other unclean places. They can take the forms of animals, people, and they can even turn invisible. In Arabic, the word Jinn comes from the verb Janna, which means conceal or hidden

Not all djinn are sinister or malevolent spirits. They can be useful and even mean well when they interact with you.

Djinns are believed to be made up of a smokeless mix of fires and energy. This might mean they can be detected by an EMF reader like many ghost hunters like to carry around.

Also, Djinn have emotions, so they may be happy and willing to help you, they could get into a mischievous mood and do something like hiding your socks, or they could be angry and try to harm you. It is best to avoid dealing with djinn because you never know what their true intentions are.

Writings about djinn first appeared in Pre-Islamic Arabia, but it is unknown the exact time frame. The legends say that djinn are not immortal and are vulnerable to attack by humans.

Before you decide to attack an evil jinn that means you harm, remember that they can take different forms and can even turn invisible. It is also believed that they can possess and kill people, so it is best to use magick to banish a jinn.

What are Jinn attracted to

Djinn are attracted to filth, wicked people, fear, and empaths. It might just be high time you clean that dirty bathroom, or you might get an uninvited guest.

The bad news is you might not meet any of the categories mentioned above that djinn are attracted to, and you could still have a djinn problem.

Djinn are not like ghosts that get tied to a specific area. Djinn have free will, and you might have had the unfortunate luck to catch its eye. Maybe it was something you did, said, or just how you look.

Djinn are not immortal, but it is believed they can live for thousands of years, so I imagine they get bored sometimes. If your unlucky enough to have something that interests them, like a particularly interesting situation or just the right personality, they may decide to tag along for a while.

Many people claim that djinn are attracted to beautiful women, so you might be out of luck if you fit that category as well.

What are Jinn scared of


Black magick practitioners who are very powerful use mirrors as a prison for Djinn. They trap the jinn in the mirror and only release them after they agree to complete a specific task. This is how the legends of the genie in the lamp came.


Jinn can travel through most things because they are made from a smokeless fire type of energy. Djinn feel physical pain when they travel through iron. This is the only material that I am aware of that can harm a jinn in its invisible form.


The only form a jinn cannot transform into is a wolf or dog. In Arabain folklore, it is said that a wolf or dog is the only creature able to see and scare off a jinn when it is invisible or disguised as something else.

Religious texts and artifacts

One of the main things I learned during my travels through the middle east and Asia is that many people believe djinn can be removed from an area by simply reciting a holy scripture.

I found this very interesting because the texts are from a variety of different religions. I believe the power of the text is actually from the person reciting the words. Their belief gives the words their power. This is kind of how an incantation works. The magick does not come from the words, but the person who is reciting them.

If you are a religious person and have strong faith, reading sacred text from your holy book will probably be your best tool to fight a jinn.

Do Cats protect against a Jinn

This question is asked a lot by people who don't know much about Djinn. I like to respond with, "wouldn't that be nice?" Unfortunately, cats cannot see Djinn. My personal feelings are cats can probably sense something is off, so if they are acting strange, I believe that is a sign. But the consensus is that cats cannot protect against or see a jinn.

How do I know if there is a Jinn in my house

If you begin to suspect that you might have a jinn living in your home, you should start compiling a list of signs that made you believe a jinn was near.

First, most djinn are not out to hurt you, but that doesn't mean you should try and interact with them. You never know what kind of mood they might be in tomorrow, so the best bet is to get rid of them as soon as you can.

Djinn like to mess with people for entertainment, so have you noticed items disappear and reappear in strange places. Maybe you had a big interview or a very important date, and just when you were getting ready to head out, your keys disappeared. Just imagine the scene you will make tearing up your house searching for the keys only to find them minutes or hours later sitting on the kitchen table where you first checked.

Another favorite of djinn is to scare people. Have you thought you saw a figure in the corner of your eye or maybe someone looking at you through a window who quickly disappeared?

What about hearing noises? Do you sometimes hear someone say your name even when no one is home? Or you might hear footsteps at night while lying in your bed home alone.

Do you have a family member who has started acting strange or saying things that they would typically not say? Maybe their personality changed overnight. This could be a sign that a jinn has possessed them.

If you own dogs, have they started to growl at nothing? I also believe other animals can sense a jinn, so if you own a pet and it's acting strange, that could also be a sign.

Some jinn have even been known to throw items at people in an attempt to hurt them. If items are being hurled at you by an invisible force, it's probably best to leave the area and hope the jinn does not follow you.

How to Banish a Jinn

You will need to collect the following items to banish a jinn from your home. You will need a mirror, a piece of paper, something to write with, a black marker, a black candle, and something to light the candle.

If you would like extra protection against djinn, gather the following items. You will need a piece of iron like a horseshoe to hang and something to write or carve in the iron.

The first step will be to make a sigil of banishment. You can learn how to make a sigil of banishment below:

After you have made your sigil of banishment, you will light the black candle and say the following incantation three times:

"Dark and evil force

You May now return to your source

May my home and I be free

Safe and well, so mote it be."

Now go ahead and take the mirror and draw your sigil of banishment on the back of it.

Hang the mirror in your house to keep the jinn that was stalking you from returning.

If you would like to add extra protection to your home against djinn, take something made of iron like a horseshoe and perform the same ritual. Change the incantation to the following:

"This iron is my power to protect against evil

it is my shield that keeps me safe

this shield does not allow negative entities to pass through it

I am protected from dark and negative energy

As I will it, so mote it be."

If you cannot carve the sigil into the iron, you can always use a marker or something else to draw the sigil on the iron.

Once you have completed the ritual, you can hang the iron ( you can make as many as you like) above all the doors in your home or just the front door. The more, the merrier.

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