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How to Get Rid of a Curse

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

What is a Curse

A curse is an utterance, a ritual, or a spell that is intended to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something.

A curse is any expressed wish that some form of misfortune will occur on a person, their family, or even their entire family line. Curses are dangerous and need to be taken seriously.

A curse is just another form of magick, and the main reason it is considered different from ordinary magick is that negative energy is being employed to harm others. When this form of magick is used, it is called Black Magick. There are many different types of black magick, and we will go over some of the ones you are more likely to encounter and how you can remove each one.

What are Different Types of Black Magick

The main types of black magick you are likely to run into are a Jinx, a Hex, a Curse, the Evil Eye, and Voodoo.

What is a Jinx

A jinx is a curse that brings misfortune and bad luck to the people who have been unlucky enough to have one placed on them. It is bad luck to have a jinx put on you but be thankful that it was not a more potent and sinister type of black magick.

How to tell if Someone put a Jinx on You

If you have had a lot of bad luck recently or noticed your luck had turned for the worse and has not improved, then you have probably been jinxed.

You can test if you have been jinxed by trying your luck at many different things. Try playing some games that require luck to win. If you lose every time, you have been jinxed.

If you believe you have been jinxed do not do anything that could put your life in peril. Avoid any unnecessary traveling to include by boat or plane. Avoid hiking or camping trips and water activities. The best idea is to avoid anything that if an accident occurs, it could be deadly.

The good news is because it is a jinx; the person who jinxed you most likely did not want to cause you too much harm. It is possible once they feel like you have learned your lesson that the jinx will be broken.

How to Break or Remove a Jinx

My preferred method of removing a jinx is to take a ritual cleansing bath. A jinx is a weaker spell, and as long as you use the right ingredients in your bath, the jinx will be broken.

What you will need to remove a jinx

Rose geranium oil and rosemary oil (both are great oils for breaking curses and keeping you safe)

You will need three different colored candles a purple candle (used to break the jinx), a red candle (used to add protection from future attacks), and a white candle (used to restore balance).

Take the ritual bath during a waning Moon (crescent moon) is when the Moon looks like a crescent and the crescent decreases ("wanes") in size from one day to the next.

How to Take a Ritual Cleansing Bath to Remove a Jinx

Place the three candles in the shape of a triangle around your bathtub (The purple candle in front of you to your left, the red candle in front of you to your right, and the white candle directly behind you.)

Now turn on the water to the bathtub (you can use whatever water temperature you like.) Immediately after turning on the bathwater, put nine drops of Rose geranium oil into the water.

When the water is half as full as you intend to allow it put nine drops of rosemary oil into the bathwater.

Now step into the bathwater and safely stand while lighting the candles, starting with the purple candle moving on to the red, and finally lighting the white candle.

Well, you are lighting the candles, say the following chant and continue quietly chanting until all three candles are lite:

As these candles are lite,

The flames will purify.

As this spell is spoken,

Curses near and far be broken!

The spell is complete. Enjoy your bath, and make sure to soak in the water for at least five to ten minutes for the jinx to be removed.

What is a Hex

A hex can be good or bad, but it is usually cast with the intent to cause harm. The term hex originates from the German word "hexe", which means "witch" in German. The Pennsylvania Dutch are the ones who made the term hex popular.

A hex is a spell that can be just as dangerous as any other form of black magick. Be very cautious if you believe you have been hexed.

How do You Know If Someone put a Hex on You

If you suspect someone has put a hex on you, look for these signs to verify you have a hex on you.

Are you experiencing unexplainable health issues? Maybe you have suddenly started having severe headaches or panic attacks. Are your allergies all of a sudden going crazy?

You should always consult with a doctor for any health-related concerns, but remember that if the doctor can't explain your sudden issues and they occurred suddenly without explanation, there is a good chance you have a hex on you.

Are you feeling worn out lately? Does it feel like no matter how much rest you have gotten recently, you are still exhausted? A hex can drain your energy and leave you feeling empty. If this occurred almost overnight and you and your doctor cannot explain why you feel this way, there is a good chance you have been hexed.

The last sign of a hex is, have you started experiencing nightmares? Are the nightmares usual for you? If not, and the nightmares came out of nowhere, you have a hex on you.

How to Break or Remove a Hex

I recommend the use of candle magick to break your hex. Candle magick is powerful, relatively easy for newcomers, and very affordable.

What You will need to Remove or Break a Hex

The first item you will need is a purple candle, something to light it with, and something to dig a hole. You will also need some rosemary oil to anoint the candle. Lastly, you will need a cup of salt and a tool to draw in the dirt.

Complete this candle ritual during a waning Moon (crescent moon) is when the Moon looks like a crescent, and the crescent decreases ("wanes") in size from one day to the next.

How to Complete a Candle Ritual to Remove a Hex

The first step is to place the candle on your altar or somewhere safe for a candle to burn.

Now light the candle. Once you have lit the candle, take the rosemary oil, and anoint the candle. Well, you are anointing the candle, say the following incantation three times.

Hexes now be broken,

Evil be turned back,

By the light of this candle,

By the power of white magick,

So mote it be.

Now, wait for the candle to burn out completely. Once the candle has burned out, collect the remaining wax, and bury it in the earth. When you cover the remaining wax with dirt, mix half a cup of salt into the soil.

Once the wax is covered, pour the remaining half a cup of salt overtop the soil. Now using your tool, draw a banishing pentagram in the dirt.

How to draw a Banishing Pentagram:

Begin at the lower-left point of the star and move up in a clockwise fashion to the top point, down to the lower right point, up to the upper left point, straight across to the upper right point, and finally, down to the lower left point.

The Candle Ritual to break the hex is complete.

What is a Curse

A curse is a spell that has been cast with the intention to cause significant harm or even death. A person with ill intentions can curse an individual, a group, a family line, or even an object.

How do I know if I have been Cursed

The first and most telltale sign of black magic is that you will begin to experience nightmares. If this has happened to you, start a journal of when you are having nightmares and note the nightmare's intensity and the moon phase. If you have been cursed, the intensity level will be at its greatest on the new moon.

Do you remember ever having anyone tell you they were going to put a curse on you? A way practitioners of black magic add strength to their curses is to say to their victims they will curse them. They call it planting the seed.

Do you have anyone who dislikes you or you view as a rival? Maybe an ex-lover, a coworker, or even a classmate. Perhaps you have someone who believes you have wronged them and could be out for revenge. If any of these are true, have you noticed any signs that they could practice magick?

Have you noticed the appearances of animals that you would consider strange? Maybe a crow has decided to hang out near your window. The person who cursed you may have sent an animal familiar to spy on you.

Have you found any strange objects, symbols, or things around your house? If you locate something strange around your property or home, does it look like an item a witch would use or draw to cast a spell?

Have you noticed the curse seems stronger during the night? The majority of black magic practitioners do so during the night time hours. The reason is that their victims are usually asleep, and their psychic defenses are down.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you might have been cursed.

How to Break or Remove a Curse

This spell will break any curse that has been put on you and is an excellent option if you do not know the name of the person who placed the curse on you.

What You will need to cast the Spell to Break a Curse

You will need a lime, thirteen pins, a purple candle, and a match. You will also need a toll to write in the dirt.

Complete this spell during a waning Moon (crescent moon) is when the Moon looks like a crescent and the crescent decreases ("wanes") in size from one day to the next.

How to Cast the Spell to Break Your Curse

Light the purple candle and place it at your altar or a table. Put the pins in front of you while you are holding the lime. Pierce the lime one pin at a time. Each time you pierce the lime, say the following incantation:

"To break a curse, this lime I pierce,

I now reverse a spell so fierce.

Magic of black, I send thee back!

Evil spell, returneth to hell!

By the power of bewitchment spoken,

By the power of my will, be broken!

So mote it be!"

Now take the lime leaving the pins in it. Travel far away from your home. At least a few miles.

Find a safe spot that you can bury the lime into the ground.

The last step is to take the stick or blade and draw a banishing pentagram in the earth above where you buried the pierced lime.

How to draw a Banishing Pentagram:

Begin at the lower-left point of the star and move up in a clockwise fashion to the top point, down to the lower right point, up to the upper left point, straight across to the upper right point, and finally, down to the lower left point.

The spell is complete and the curse will slowly lose its power as the lime decays.

What is the Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is a black magick spell cast with a hateful glare from a witch or sorcerer. The evil eye is believed to have originated somewhere in Turkey during the 8th Century B.C.

The idea of the evil eye even appears in Islamic and Jewish religions. The evil eye is mentioned multiple times in Jewish rabbinic literature, and the Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) made a statement about the evil eye "The influence of an evil eye is a fact, Sahih Muslim Book 026, Hadith Number 5427."

How do I know if Someone put the Evil Eye on Me

Do you ever have the feeling someone is watching you even if you are home alone? The answer is probably yes, sometimes. If you feel that someone is watching you, ask yourself if the feeling has been happening more often, and does it feel more intense than usual?

Are you suddenly itching a lot? Does the itching get so bad that you draw blood while scratching yourself? If this is something you have never experienced and it suddenly happens with no medical explanation, there is a good chance someone has put the evil eye on you.

Have you started feeling depressed, or you feel scared for no reason? Or maybe you all of a sudden fear death. If these fears and feelings have no explanation be aware, this is a sign someone has put the evil eye on you.

Are you finding bruises on your body but dont know how you got the bruise? What about boils and spots? People who have been cursed with the evil eye have experienced unexplainable bruising, boils, and spots.

Has a relationship that seemed to be going great fall apart all of a sudden? This could be a relationship with friends, a lover, or even a family member.

How to Break or Remove the Evil Eye

To break the evil eye, you will want to take a ritual cleansing bath using moon water. Afterward, you will want to complete a smudging ritual of yourself.

For best results, you will want to complete this spell during a waning Moon (crescent moon) is when the Moon looks like a crescent and the crescent decreases ("wanes") in size from one day to the next.

Because you will be making Moon water for the cleansing bath, it will probably be in your best interest to go ahead and complete the ritual once you have collected the Moon water and forgo waiting on the waning Moon.

Items you will need to remove the Evil Eye

You will need one white and one purple candle and something to lite the candles. You will also need white sage, rosemary oil, salt, and moon water.

Items you will need to make Moon water

You will need one mason jar filled with water, black tourmaline stone, some rose petals, and a full moon.

How to make Moon water

During a full moon, take a mason jar and fill it with water. Now take a black tourmaline gemstone (magically associated with protection and removes negative energy) and place it in the water. Go ahead and place your rose petals in the mason jar and close the lid tightly.

Now take the mason jar and place it somewhere safe outside where the light of the moon will hit it. Leave the mason jar outside for the night and collect it just before sunrise.

Say the following incantation when you put the jar down:

"Blessed moon, lend your strength and courage to the water I place this night. May it be filled with your everlasting love and healing power."

How to complete the Ritual Cleansing Bath to remove the Evil Eye

The first step will be to place the white candle on the front ledge of your bathtub and the purple candle on the back ledge of the bathtub. Make sure to place the white sage nearby because you will need it at the end of the ritual.

Now start filling the bathwater (the water temperature is up to you) and lite the white candle, then the purple candle. Go ahead and anoint the candles with the rosemary oil beginning with the white candle.

When you are anointing the candles, say the following incantation three times:

Evil has fallen upon me,

Fire and light drive it away,

Fire that blazes and burns,

Erase this evil eye from me!

Now put some rosemary oil into the bathwater, add a small amount of salt, take the mason jar, and carefully step into the bathwater.

Slowly pour the moon water into the bathwater until the jar is empty. This includes the gemstone and rose petals.

Now sit in the bathwater for at least five minutes.

Once you have finished the bath, take your white rosemary smudge stick and lite it.

Now in a clockwise direction, starting at the crown of your head, slowly cleanse your entire body. Your goal is to cover your body at least once, but you will not need to make a thick cloud of smoke.

Once you have finished, put out the smudge stick. The ritual is complete.

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