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How to attract Deities

How can you attract divine assistance or get a deity to reach out to you? Most witches say let the deity come to you, which can be frustrating. And sometimes, it can even be confusing because many deities will come to you in a dream, a vision, or while you are meditating.

But there is a way you can try and attract the god or goddess that you want to work with. First, start by researching the deity you would like to attract as much as possible. Read the folklore and myths about that deity.

Use your newfound knowledge to build an altar and dedicate it to the diety of your choice. Also, start collecting artwork of the deity you want to work with and put the art in a prominent place that you will see often.

Put things on the altar that the deity likes—things like plants, food, stones, or other offerings.

Next, remember to keep an open mind and heart when working with deities. Trust your intuition—when you're dealing with forces beyond the mundane world, you need to rely on a type of knowledge beyond your everyday awareness, one that will let you tune in to higher frequencies.

Finally, believe that the spirits will speak to you in one way or another. Doubt slams the door between you and magickal beings. When dealing with other realities and supernatural forces, remember this: You'll see it when you believe it.

Now let's say the deity reaches out to you. Did you know there are specific rules of etiquette that apply? as is the case in any personal or business relationship.

Tips for Working with Deities

My first tip, which should be common sense, is to show respect and to treat deities as honored teachers, not your servants. Please do not demand that they do or teach you anything.

Don't try to micromanage deities—if you seek aid from spirit beings, turn

over the reins and allow them to carry out your request as they see fit.

Don't try to get a deity to help you harm someone. If you want to curse someone, the deity willing to help you with it probably is not a god or goddess you should be working with. There are powerful and evil entities lurking out there, and they can harm you if you connect with them.

Express gratitude—remember to thank the beings who assist you, and

perhaps give them an offering.

And lastly, don't forget to take notes and learn as much as you can while working with a deity.

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