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How I made a Magick Crystal Grid Spiral to Attract Love

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

What is a Crystal Grid

A crystal grid is a particular pattern that you place your crystals to magnify their powers. The selected pattern helps maximize the spell's manifestation process.

There are many different patterns that you can choose from depending on what your goal is to help increase the power of your crystal magick. The particular crystal grid that I will go over in this post is designed to increase love and attraction magick.

Top Five Crystals to use for Love Spells

Kunzite: This crystal is used for attracting unconditional love and new romances. It is one of my favorite crystals to work with. Kunzite used to be very expensive, but you can usually find raw gemstones for around 10 dollars if you shop around. You can wear the crystal as a piece of homemade jewelry or carry it in your pocket to enhance your charisma and attract romance.

Rhodochrosite: This crystal can be used to attract your soul-mate. It also enhances passion and sexuality. This makes rhodochrosite an excellent choice when it comes to manifesting a new love.

Rose Quartz: If you have any experience working with crystal magick, a rose quartz being on this list should not surprise you. This crystal is highly effective at attracting new love and is known for creating a closer bond between lovers. Another great thing about rose quartz crystals is they are very affordable, and you might spend more on shipping than the crystals themselves.

Sugilite: This crystal is great because it promotes love for yourself and others. It helps you to let go of past sorrows and brings light and love into the darkest situations.

Zircon: Known for promoting harmonious, loving energy that attracts and manifests a new love. It will also help you become more realistic with your expectations of a lover.

How to Make a Magick Crystal Grid Spiral to Attract Love

You will first need to gather six rose quartz crystals and two rhodochrosite gemstones. Next, you will need two pink candles and something to lite the candles.

Before you perform the ritual, you will need to complete a couple of things before starting. The first thing is you need to have a good understanding of what kind of love you want to attract, and you will need to prepare your crystals.

How to purify your crystals

The goal is to purify your crystals of any negative energies they may have absorbed. The first step to cleansing the crystals is to wash and clean off any dirt. Next, place the crystals in the sunlight to complete the purification process.

I recommend putting the crystals in the sunlight at sunrise and retrieving them at sunset. Once this is complete, you are ready to begin.

The first step is to place one pink candle at the top of your spiral and then place all of your rose quartz crystals. Imagine you are creating a spiral staircase. Once you have set all of the rose quartz crystals, go ahead and put down the rhodochrosite gemstones. Now put the final candle at the end of the spiral.

Each time you place a crystal, you will need to say the following:

For the first crystal, say: "With this crystal, bring a lover to me."

For the second crystal, say: "He will love me, unconditionally."

For the third crystal, say: "As I will love him, unconditionally."

For the remaining crystals, say: "I call on the universe to bring me my heart's desire."

Now sit beside your crystal grid and imagine you have found your true love. Focus on how finding your true love would make you feel and hold that feeling for a couple of minutes.

The final step is to light the candles. Each time you light one of the candles, say the following:

"As this fire burns so does my desire,

I will achieve my intention,

My heart's desire will come,

So mote it be."

Allow the candles to burn as you imagine your desire one last time. Now blow out the candles. The ritual is completed.

Here is a picture of the crystal grid my daughter was kind enough to draw for me.

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