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Free Love Spells

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Love magic is the use of magic to conjure romantic love that can be implemented in various ways, such as by written spells, dolls, charms, amulets, potions, or rituals.

We will be learning about free love spells, I will go over a few love spell chants and a ritual bath for self-love.

A quick note on love spells when you are performing a love spell. Do not perform a love spell on a particular person. Instead, focus on the traits and characteristics you are attracted to and would want in a lover.

1. Chant to Attract New Lover

One of the freeways to cast a love spell would be to perform a love spell chant. Love Spells Chants are usually a form of incantation that refers to a set of words.

How it's done:

  • The first thing you will want to do is ground and center; if you do not know how to do this, check out my blog post in the basic rituals tab and click on (How to Ground and Center).

  • The second step is to cast your circle. Again if this is unfamiliar to you or you need a refresher go over to the tab marked basics and click on (How to Cast Your Circle).

Now that we have the basics out of the way let's get started with our first Free Love Spell.

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit (on a seat, floor, whatever works for you).

  2. Close your eyes.

  3. Take several deep breaths and continue until you feel relaxed.

  4. With your eyes still closed, try to clear out your mind. Try to blend out the random thoughts that pop up.

  5. When your mind is clear, imagine how having a new love would make you feel. Think about the butterflies you get in your stomach, the intoxicating excitement of those first meetings, the first kiss you might share, and the joy of feeling loved. Imagine how it would feel to be wrapped up in this person’s arms and how safe and secure you would feel. Try not to think about how the person might look and instead focus on slipping into the feelings you want when you are with them.

  6. When you are deeply immersed in these feelings of love and with your eyes still closed, say the following chant:

“Lover, come into my life. Lover, let me adore you. Lover, share with me the beauty of life. Lover, now I call you”

  • Repeat this chant three times while projecting the feelings you want to experience out into the world.

  • After the 3rd chant, end the spell by slowly opening your eyes.

The spell is complete You will now want to close the circle and ground yourself. Failing to ground energy after performing magic can leave you feeling tired, anxious, or even open to a psychic attack.

  • Close the circle the same way you cast it after your ritual is complete. The only difference is you will walk in a counterclockwise direction to close it instead of clockwise.

  • Using the same tool you used before, imagine the energy coming back to your body, through your body, through your feet back into the Earth. Walk once counterclockwise around the circle before stopping at the front of where you cast your circle and say:

"The circle is open; may it never be broken"

  • Now ground your energy by pressing your forehead and palms to the floor. Imagine any excess energy return to the Earth.

2. Ritual Bath for self-Love

This ritual bath for self-love is excellent for someone looking for a new love. It will help you love yourself and make you more receptive to love.

Items required:

  • Bathtub or shower

  • mirror

  • candle preferably pink

Optional items:

  • Rose Quartz

  • Rose Petals

  • Lavender

  • Epsom Salts

How it's done:

The first thing you need to do is to make sure your environment is quiet and calm. You can turn your phone off, dim the lights, quietly play peaceful, relaxing music.

  • Now fill your tub with warm water (if you are using Epsom salts, add it now)

  • Once the tub is full of warm water, go ahead and step in. Stay standing up.

  • Start taking deep breaths (if you have the rose petals and lavender, you can sprinkle them in now)

  • Now slowly sit in the tub and take as much time as you need to relax, soak, and center yourself.

  • Once you feel ready, exit the tub and dry yourself off (at this time, it is okay to put lotions, oils, or perfumes that will help make you feel beautiful and luxurious: It is not required)

  • Now stand in front of the mirror and start to connect with your heart. Imagine a warm globe glowing bigger and bigger, completely consuming the room.

  • Once the globe has consumed the room, raise your hands in front of you, palms up (if you are using the Rose Quartz, you can hold it out instead), and say the following:

"I am love. I am open to love. I am receptive to love. I am abundant with love"

  • Now light the candle and repeat the affirmation.

"I am love. I am open to love. I am receptive to love. I am abundant with love"

  • Let the candle burn down all the way, and on the next full moon, bury the wax at a crossroads or find a trashcan near an intersection and dispose of it there.

When looking for a crossroads to use, think more of a dirt hiking trail than a paved road. Remember to be safe, and the last thing anyone wants is someone to be struck by a car while digging a hole. Please be safe.

As promised here are a couple additional love spell chants that you can use. Try them and see what works best for you.

“Lady and Lord, from the Ecstasy of Your Love.

Let those who I love, love me in return,

Let love enter my heart and my home.

I am Light; I am Love"

By the power below and above,

I am asking you to bring me, love.

By this spell that I have cast,

I want a love that will always last.

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