Best Ways to Find a Coven for a New Witch in 2021

Are you a new witch, and are you looking for a coven to join? If that sounds like you, perfect! What's that? You're having a hard time finding a coven to join. Well, keep reading because I know it's not easy for new witches to find covens or other witches.

Also, if you have been a solitary witch and want to get out and mingle, this post is for you too!

Online Resources to Locate Covens for New and Solitary Witches


First, you probably already know about Facebook and the many different witch groups that you can join. That is an excellent place to start your search. Just search the group's past posts and see if anyone has asked about covens. If you don't find what you're looking for, make a post and ask the other members. And I know Facebook is for older people, so if you're under 30, do you even use Facebook anymore???


Another resource for finding a coven is going to Reddit and checking out the subreddit r/covenfinder. It's not the most extensive group, but it's worth a look. Who knows, you might find what you're looking for. You can also check out r/witchcraft thats a larger group, but its primary purpose is not to find covens. But you might be able to find some info that could lead you in the right direction.

This site helps witches locate covens in their area. Just click on "find a group" to bring up a list of countries. Select your country, and you will be provided with a list of different Covens you can look into joining. If you are from the US, you will be given a list of different states. Most states are represented and have a couple of covens to choose from.

Occult Shops:

This option will be hit or miss, but you can always ask around at your local occult shops. Not all of them will be able to point you in the right direction. Based on past experiences, some store owners are only in it for the money and are not involved with the community. You could also be speaking to an employee who is only there to run the register and stock the shelves.

This site lets you find different types of groups to join to include covens. I really like the site, but it does have its drawbacks. I noticed that some groups are not very active, and some people make groups to advertise classes that you have to pay for. If you do a lot of digging, you will eventually find an active coven accepting new members.

Unitarian Churches:

Another option is to visit your local Unitarian Church. A lot of these churches have pagan communities that might be able to help you locate a coven.

Remember to be Safe when Meeting Up with New People:

Finding a coven can be very challenging your first time around. So when you finally find your first coven to join, it can be exciting but don't forget to be safe and keep your guard up. A lot of covens meet in private places and are secretive.

It is entirely up to you what you do, but I know I wouldn't want to meet someone I only know from the internet at their home for the first time. It's perfectly acceptable to ask that your first meeting be somewhere public.

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