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Best Tarot Spreads for Beginner Witches

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Tarot is not something that you will learn overnight. Some might catch on quickly or have the "gift" but the majority will require many hours of practice before they begin to feel comfortable and confident in their readings.

If you're a baby witch or just new to tarot, it's best to learn the easiest spreads first; You can master more difficult ones once you begin to feel more confident in your abilities.

What are Tarot Spreads

Tarot spreads are a pattern of laying out your cards, in which each position has a designated meaning, and the card is deciphered based on its place in the spread.

Types of Tarot Spreads

Best Tarot Spread for a Beginner

I believe the best tarot spread for a beginner is the three card spread. It is easy and allows for three different ways to be read, so it's a little flexible as well.

The best part is the three card spread is simple, so you can focus on reading and learning your tarot cards.

There are three different kinds of readings you can do with the three card spread. You can do a Past-Present-Future spread, a Situation-Obstacle-Advice spread, and a Mind-Body-Spirit spread.

Past-Present-Future Spread

The first card you pulled will represent elements from your past that are still currently affecting you.

The second card you pulled will represent your present situation.

The third card you pulled will represent the outcome if you do not alter your course.

Situation-Obstacle-Advice Spread

If you are faced with a difficult situation, this spread can help you figure out how to overcome it.

The first card pulled represents the situation that you are currently facing.

The second card pulled represents the conflict, and by using the first card and second card, you should be able to determine what is causing the conflict.

The third card represents advice on how to solve the situation and overcome the obstacle.

Mind-Body-Spirit Spread

This spread is great to help you figure out how to add balance to your life.

For this reason, consider using it for general lessons or impressions. Depending on your needs, each card may represent the current state, approaching energies, or advice for alignment.

Once you start to feel comfortable with the three card spread, a great next step is to move to the five card spread. It builds off of the three card spread and helps to answer the question of "why."

Beginner Tarot Spread for Love

Many people are drawn to witchcraft for love magick, and it's the same reason people want to learn the tarot. Love is a powerful motivator, and everyone wants to understand it better.

If you're new to the tarot, I would recommend you practice with the three card spread and once you feel comfortable, move on to a five-card spread to get a better perspective on your romantic life.

You can do a three card spread for love, but I think it's best to practice the three card spread and save the love spread for the five cards spread as it will give you more information.

What the Cards Mean

The First card is Your role - What is your role in your partnership?

The Second Card is Your Partner's role - What is your partner's role?

The Third Card is Your Past foundation - What was the foundation of your relationship? How did you two come together? What initially united you?

The Fourth Card is Your Present status - What is the current state of your relationship? What dynamics are currently in place?

The Fifth Card is Your Looming future - Where is this relationship going? What kind of feelings can you expect to develop together?

Yes or No Tarot Spreads are the Easiest for Beginners

Yes or no tarot spreads are the easiest for beginners because they are straightforward and address a focused question. A yes or no tarot spread also helps beginners learn the cards.

This tarot spread does not need an extensive understanding of the cards. You will only need to know which cards represent “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe.”

I recommend practicing with yes or no tarot spreads and learning the cards before moving on to the three card spread.

Yes or no tarot spreads are simple, and you might be asking yourself why the three card spread was recommended as the best tarot spread for beginners instead of the yes or no tarot spread?

I believe the yes or no tarot spread is excellent for practicing. Still, it doesn't provide enough information to justify it in my opinion, as the best tarot spread for beginners.

How to Perform a Yes or No Tarot Reading

Form your question and shuffle the cards while concentrating on the question.

When you’re ready, spread the cards facedown in a fan pattern.

Now concentrate on your question a second time and pull a card. Set this card to the left.

Restate the question (it can be in your mind or aloud) and pick your second card. Set this card in the center.

Ask the question again, and pull the third card, and set this card to the right.

Turn over the card and decide if they are “yes,” “no,” or “maybe” cards.

Three times a “yes” card means a “yes.” If you’ve got two “yes” cards in your reading, the result will most likely be positive, but it might take some time before it manifests. If you’ve pulled a mix of “no” and “maybe” cards, the answer to your question is negative.

Baby Witch Tip:

When reading yes or no tarot spreads, think of the cards to indicate favorable or unfavorable conditions, not what will unquestionably happen.

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