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Are Essential Oils Poisonous to My Pets

We use essential oils for so many different things in witchcraft, and naturally, our pets or familiars might come in contact with those essential oils. So the big question is, are essential oils toxic to my pet? And the answer is some essential oils are okay, and others are harmful.

Only a few licks or a small amount on the skin could be harmful to your pet, depending on the ingredients in a specific product and how the pet is exposed.

I compiled a list of essential oils harmful to your cat and dog. The information I have is from my studies and records. If you are unsure about oil, contact your veterinarian. They can help answer your questions.

Essential Oils Harmful to Dogs Essential Oils Harmful to Cats

  • Cinnamon Wintergreen

  • Citrus Sweet birch

  • Pennyroyal Citrus

  • Peppermint Pine

  • Pine Ylang ylang

  • Sweet birch Peppermint

  • Tea tree Cinnamon

  • Wintergreen Pennyroyal

  • Ylang ylang Clove

  • Anise Eucalyptus

  • Clove Tea Tree

  • Thyme Thyme

  • Juniper Oregano

  • Yarrow Lavender

  • Garlic

What are the signs of essential oil poisoning in your pet?

Sings can include:

  • difficulty breathing

  • difficulty walking or uncoordinated gait

  • drooling

  • lethargy or weakness

  • muscle tremors

  • pawing at the mouth or face

  • redness or burns on the lips, gums, tongue, or skin

  • vomiting (you may detect the smell of essential oils in the vomit)

What to do if you believe your pet has been poisoned

If the oil is on your pet's skin, make sure to wash it off as soon as possible.

Take your pet to the veterinarian or pet hospital, and make sure to bring along the essential oil you believe poisoned your pet.

Tips to keeping your pet safe from essential oil poisoning

To avoid the risk of poisoning, keep your essential oils out of reach of your pets. This can be a challenge, especially if you have a cat. I like to store my essential oils in containers to keep my cat out of them.

And make sure to be present if you are using any of your oils, and don't leave them unattended with pets around.

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