A spell to get the respect you deserve

Are you having problems at work with your boss not respecting you or noticing all of the hard work you have been doing lately? Maybe it's not your boss. Perhaps your clients or coworkers are not paying you the respect you deserve. Or maybe it's even worse, your partner or family is not giving you the respect you deserve.

I'm sure we have all faced this problem before, but you don't have to continue dealing with it if you don't want to because I have a spell for you.

Let's start by going over the ingredients you will need for this respect spell. You are going to need the following items.

  1. A ballpoint pen

  2. An orange candle (remember you can use a white candle if you dont have an orange one)

  3. Dried bay leaves

  4. Cinnamon essential oil

  5. A piece of paper

  6. Tape

  7. Colored pencils, markers, or crayons

  8. This spell is best done during a full moon, but if you choose not to wait for a full moon, that will work too

How to cast the spell to get the respect you deserve

After gathering all of your ingredients together, take your ballpoint pen and use it to inscribe a circle with a dot in the middle on your candle, which symbolizes the sun.

Now take the essential oil and dress your candle with it. Take a deep breath of the cinnamon smell. Take your bay leaves and make a circle with them around your candle. Light the candle.

Use the colored pencils (or whatever items you selected) and write the word RESPECT on the paper. Now draw different images on the paper that represent respect to you.

While drawing these images, imagine the people who have been disrespecting you of late bowing down to you, giving you gifts, and singing you praise for a job well done.

Once you have finished drawing, place a drop of essential oil on each corner of your paper and blow out the candle.

Collect your bay leaves and the paper with your drawings. Place the bay leaves in the paper and fold it closed. Tape the paper, so the bay leaves do not fall out.

Now take the paper to your work or home and hide it somewhere. Maybe put it in a drawer or tape it under your desk if it's your office. If someone disrespects you, take a deep breath, imagine the smell of cinnamon and the images you drew. And don't forget no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

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