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A Spell Jar for a Happy Home

The kids are getting ready to go back to school for many of us, and our remote positions are moving back to the office. Meaning our lives are about to get more stressful and complicated.

It might just be the perfect time to try out this spell jar recipe for a happy home. Considering the impending chaos that is about to be unleashed on many of us, why wouldn't you give it a try.

A Spell Jar Recipe for a Happy Home

First, you will need a jar to use, and don't forget to use your choice of incense to cleanse the jar before starting.

What you will need:

Himalayan Pink Salt: This will be used to absorb negative energy and cleanse your home.

Bay Leaf: This will be used for manifestation and blessings.

Blue Lace Agate: This is great for relieving stress and promoting a peaceful and soothing environment.

Black Tourmaline: This is a powerful protection stone that blocks and eliminates negativity.

Lavender: Used to invite love, tranquility, and harmony into your home.

Rosemary: For purification and vitality.

Dried Lemon Peels: The peels are for joy and purification.

Written intention: Write down what your intention is for this spell jar.

Lastly, you will need wax from a white candle. Use the wax to seal the jar, representing purity and peace.

You don't have to use the exact ingredients that I have selected. You can get creative and switch some of them out. Just try to make sure the magickal associations are similar to get the desired effect.

How to Make a Spell Jar for a Happy Home

As I had mentioned earlier, the first step is to cleanse your jar before beginning. If you are not sure what to use, try using a Sage or Palo Anto smudge stick.

Now you will want to light the white candle and say your intention (that you wrote down on paper) aloud.

Next, start from the top of the ingredients list and place each ingredient into a layer in the jar.

Once you have finished placing the dried lemon peels on top, close the jar and use some wax from your white candle to seal it.

The spell jar is complete, and you can put it anywhere in your home, but I would recommend placing it somewhere that the members of your household gather, like the living room or kitchen.

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